2018 hike

Overview of 6 Peaks Lake Louise (6PLL) fundraising and awareness hike
Mountains to be hiked – Mt Temple, Mount St. Piran, Mount Niblock, Mount Whyte, Fairview Mountain, Saddleback

Theme – Embracing Discomfort

Raising money for – 50/50 split between International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF), and Banff
Community High School (BCHS) extracurricular activities

Raising awareness for – to assist in reducing stigma and increasing awareness for bipolar disorder

Approx elevation gain – 4800m (15750 feet)

Approx distance – 45km (28 miles)

Date – Wed Sep 12, 2018

Why are you raising money for the IBPF and BCHS extracurricular activities?
The International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) is a progressive, low overhead organization that greatly supports anyone affected by bipolar disorder in a variety of ways. The IBPF supports people like me who’ve been diagnosed, family and friends of those diagnosed, as well as various traditional and non-traditional medical professionals. I personally have benefitted greatly from their multitude of free resources and webinars.

Extracurricular activities for students in high schools are becoming increasingly more expensive every year. Students now pay in some cases hundreds of dollars to participate in school-related activities that they’re passionate about including band/music, sports, and drama to name but a few. This fundraiser will give BCHS students a much desired BOOST to their extra-curricular activities fund.

How do I donate?
1. Via PayPal (preferred) to support@scottinsideout.com .
2. Via etransfer to support@scottinsideout.com (make security answer 6PLL) .

Are you doing this by yourself?
No. I’m grateful and fortunate to again have my friends Masaki (Saki) Yokota and Tyler Williams doing 6PLL with me. Their support of both me and these hikes have truly been incredible! There is a good chance that others will join us for part of the day to hike with us, take photos/videos of us, or simply to cheer us on.

About the 6 Peaks Lake Louise logo
First of all a HUGE thank you to Jim Kwan at Defending Awesome Shirts!! He created this fantastic logo for 6PLL from scratch. The three of us LOVE it! If you look closely you’ll see six items of various features embedded in the logo. How many can you spot?

Are you really hiking 6 peaks in one day?
Yes. I’m excited and nervous…pretty sure that I say the EXACT same thing every year about our fundraising and awareness hikes! For Temple we will be going up and down the entire mountain on its own. After hiking to the peak of Mount St. Piran, we will go down part of the way before traversing and then ascending Mount Niblock. From the top of Niblock we’ll go down to the ridge between Niblock and Mount Whyte before reaching the peak of Mount Whyte.  Saddleback is approximately midway down Fairview, and will be ascended last after reaching the top of Fairview. After getting to the top of Saddleback we’ll stumble down to the main parking lot at Lake Louise and be finished!

How does this compare to other years’ awareness and fundraising hikes?
This will be the most technically challenging, and will most likely be our longest in terms of total hiking time. It will also most likely be the longest in duration since we’ll leave Banff at 2am and be back home at about 11pm…approximately 21 hours including all travel.

Why is the theme “Embracing Discomfort”?
6 Peaks Lake Louise will be a massive day, forcing those of us participating to push our physical and mental limits. I am certain that I will have discomfort while hiking up the last two peaks (Fairview and Saddleback)!! And I’m ready to embrace it.

Leaving our comfort zone is where our most transformational growth happens. Some people diagnosed with bipolar disorder focus purely on finding the best medication and neglect to do the deep work necessary to have peace, health and consistent mental stability in their life.

When I’ve embraced discomfort and come out the other side it has always been worth it.

What will the day look like?
We plan to start hiking up Mt Temple at 3am using headlamps to be at the summit for sunrise. Our projected finish time for Temple is 8:30am. After driving to Lake Louise and having a refuel/stretch break, we anticipate starting to hike up Mt St. Piran around 9:30am. Our best estimate is that we’ll have completed hiking the three peaks on the north side of Lake Louise (St. Piran, Niblock, Whyte) and be back in the Lake Louise parking lot at about 5:30pm. After a refuel/stretch break we’ll begin hiking up Fairview and Saddleback at 6pm. We estimate that we’ll have hiked those two and be back in the parking lot by 10pm.

How can I get involved?
1. Via PayPal (preferred) to support@scottinsideout.com .
2. Via etransfer to support@scottinsideout.com (make security answer 6PLL)
3. Cash in person to Saki, Tyler or Scott

Buy a logo shirt – Jim at Defending Awesome Shirts has generously offered to sell shirts with the fantastic 6PLL logo on it. They cost $35, of which $20 will be donated to our fundraising efforts. Click here 6-Peaks-Lake-Louise-Poster-2018 for more details!

Share this event – we’d greatly appreciate you sharing this event with others via social media, email and/or word of mouth!

Hike part of the day with us – we’d love if you join us, especially for the last two peaks (Fairview/Saddleback) when a few of us will most likely really be feeling it! Keep in mind that we will be doing a steady pace.

Help out at our silent auction fundraiser – We are planning to have this at a restaurant in Banff on the evening of Thursday September 13. This is the day after 6PLL. Details to be announced at a later date. If you’d like to help out before, during or after the event it would be greatly appreciated! Please email me at support@scottinsideout.com to let me know thank you.

Virtually support us on the day – I plan to do live videos multiple times that day. It would be great to have you follow us and virtually cheer us on!