Scott Inside Out logo

The logo is very simple in appearance yet has a lot of significance and meaning.

The colour green is used in the logo to represent hope.  Hope for anyone that has been diagnosed as bipolar that they can lead a normal life, or anyone looking to improve their own mental health naturally.  Green is universally recognized as the colour of nature.  Whether a person chooses to use pharmaceutical medication or not has many associated factors.  That being said, bipolar disorder can be managed naturally without medication.

Black “i”
The core of the logo is the black letter “i” in the word “Inside”.  As Jim Rohn stated “for things to change…I must change”.  Until the person decides to take that first step forward to be more accountable and responsible for their own health, they will never be able to reach either their optimal health or full potential.  Some people still have stereotypes and stigma about people diagnosed as bipolar, and at times it can literally feel like having a black eye.

Inner start of spiral
Starting from the center, the spiral goes up steeply.  This signifies a manic episode.  Common personality traits during manic episodes include being very energetic, mentally alert and creative.  That on top of not sleeping much typically has a person feeling like they are on top of the world.  Many people receive their bipolar diagnosis after their first manic episode.

Right side of spiral
After peaking, the spiral goes down steeply.  Most people have a depressive episode very shortly after a manic episode.  The shape of this line also represents the body’s reaction and energy.  When a person’s manic episode ends they are almost always physically and mentally exhausted.  The body can only sustain a very high energy, sleep-deprived state for so long before needing to rest and regenerate.  In addition, people diagnosed as bipolar often end up feeling worse about themselves than before the manic episode occurred.  That is why the spiral drops down well below the initial starting point.

Bottom of spiral
After the steep decline, the spiral tends to almost level out at the bottom.  This signifies someone who has a victim mentality and believes that the circumstances in their life are a result of being diagnosed as bipolar.  Until someone make the choice to take that first step and change for the better, their life will be stuck in the zone at the bottom of the spiral.

Left side of spiral
Going clockwise from the bottom, the spiral gets progressively wider.  This conveys the growth going on in a person being more proactive in their overall health.  The person is improving their health in any or all of these areas:  mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Arrow tip
The direction of this is upward and forward to signify continual growth and a positive attitude.

Direction of spiral
The spiral goes backwards before it goes forwards after the initial peak.  This signifies how the vast majority of people with a diagnosed mental illness have issues in their past to deal with and work through.  The same can also be said for most people looking to be more proactive in their mental health.  Accepting and dealing with the past is essential before moving forward.

Colour of spiral
From the inner start of the spiral to the bottom, the line is black.  This signifies that the person is living in a way that is not their ideal.  They are either manic, depressed, or have no hope that their life will get better.  From the bottom of the spiral going clockwise, the spiral colour blends to green.  This signifies the increasing hope that they have in themselves that they will be able to live a normal life.  Near the top of the spiral the colour fades from green to white.  The white represents someone who is living their ideal life.

Where are you on the spiral?  Are you where you want to be?