Scott’s bio

During my sixteen year journey with bipolar disorder I have been on different medications, met with a wide variety of health professionals, and have been hospitalized in a psychiatric ward four times as a result of manic episodes. After seven years I got tired of the many side effects, including tremoring hands, various muscle spasms, and a constantly dry mouth. Those plus the potential long term medication risks made me search for ways to be naturally mentally stable. There had to be a better way! After taking different courses, doing a lot of personal research, and meeting with various people, I learned habits and tools that serve me very well. At this point in time I have been medication-free for over four years with the full support of my doctor.

The journey was long, and I was fortunate to receive support from many others along the way. I am truly grateful for all of the professionals who offered care and shared their knowledge – doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, counselors, therapists and life coaches. Using everything I’ve learned, I am very proactive with my health and consistently use various tools and daily habits. Doing so has led me to be the healthiest overall that I’ve ever been mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I want to share what I have learned to get others to the point I’m at…in a dramatically quicker time period than it was for myself.

I have been a teacher and coach since high school and truly love it. The feeling of seeing someone change directly before my eyes from my assistance is immensely fulfilling. Since beginning to help others diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I’ve been told that I’ve changed one person’s life and another stated that I am pure inspiration. I truly believe that my life purpose is to serve and support people diagnosed as bipolar in going from surviving to thriving. To show them that when managed correctly, bipolar disorder is both an asset and a blessing.

I am not a trained medical professional and do not claim to be. I am not here to determine if someone has bipolar disorder or not. My focus is on serving, supporting, guiding and mentoring persons diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And to give hope to those who need it.

My credentials and experience

  • Have lived with bipolar disorder type 1 for nineteen years
  • Psychiatric medication free since August 31, 2010 (with doctor and psychiatrist support)
  • Twenty-eight years of coaching and teaching experience
  • Core Essentials Graduate of CoachU