August 2020 Gifted Group Universal Sphere® (FREE)

From the comfort of your home 🙂
If you are someone who loves meditation and/or is open-minded come join!
And if you’re someone who is already a Universal Sphere® practitioner or you know a different energy tool/modality (Reiki, Quantum Healing, etc), add your amazing energy to this call.
This is a fantastic way for you to experience a Universal Sphere.
And for the rest of your August to have an energetic boost!
This call will be approximately 20-25 minutes long and will consist of:
1.A brief explanation of what Universal Sphere is
2.A check-in of how you are feeling
3.A global sphere to assist the planet during this global situation
4.A sphere to support something that you desire energetic support with
5.A short debrief and wrap up
#4 above for you (your sphere) could be any of:
– lifting your mood and/or optimism during this uncertain time
– what you intend to focus on during the rest of August
– something you would like to let go of
– supercharging an area of your life that’s going really well
– your primary 2020 intention
Ideally be in a quiet comfortable space for this experience. Turn off your phone and all notifications.
If you are not able to make the call live, watching the replay is as effective 🙂
*** Details of the call ***
Investment – FREE
Date – Wednesday August 5, 2020
Time – 8pm Mountain Time (7pm PT, 9pm CT, 1pm ET, 12pm Thur in Sydney/Melbourne)
Location – RIGHT HERE (Universal Sphere public Facebook page)
Length – approx 20-25 minutes
NOTE: If you are not able to make this call live, listening to the replay is equally effective!
This LIVE experience will be lead by Universal Sphere instructor Scott Walker
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