August 26 2015 “4 Peak” day

**August 26 UPDATE**

Due to the forest fire smoke in Banff this fundraising hike has been rescheduled for Tuesday September 1.  It was originally intended to be happening today, August 26.


A few weeks ago my friend Masaki asked if I’d be interested in hiking four peaks in the Banff area in one day – Cascade, Rundle, Sulphur and Tunnel.  I didn’t say yes right away and gave it some thought that evening.  Cascade and Rundle each have over 4000 feet of vertical gain!  I’ve done all those hikes before and had heard of people doing them all in one day.  It would be outside of my physical comfort zone, a definite stretch for me.  After giving it some thought I said yes!

Details of the “4 Peak” day

My friends Masaki, Tyler, Loucas and I will hike these four peaks on Wednesday, August 26 around Banff, Alberta, Canada in this order:

1. Cascade Mountain – 4347 vertical feet (1325 metres)
2. Mount Rundle – 5150 vertical feet (1570 metres)
3. Sulphur Mountain – 2424 vertical feet (724 metres)
4. Tunnel Mountain – 948 vertical feet (300 metres)

TOTAL: 12,869 vertical feet (3919 metres) and over 26 miles (42 km) in length

We’ll start before sunrise using headlamps/flashlights and anticipate finishing somewhere in the range of 14-15 hours.  I’ve never done anything with this much physical effort required before!


I have benefited immensely from the resources, programs, and support that the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) offers.  I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the year 2000.  This is the only organization I’ve come across that specifically supports people with this mental illness in a proactive way.  I have been blogging for the IBPF for the last two and a half years.

Last year I participated in a 5km running event in Calgary and raised over $500 for the IBPF.

Our target for the “4 Peak” day is to raise $1000 (Canadian dollars) for the IBPF.

To donate

ANY amount is greatly appreciated!

1. Go to’s Donate page on their website
2. In the “Select Gift Type” section select “Gift Type – other”
3. In the “Please Specify Gift Type” area type in “4 peaks”
(please note the IBPF is based in San Diego so your donation will be in USD)
4. Alternatively, feel free to give me cash in person and I’ll ensure that it gets donated to the IBPF.

Thank you in advance!  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Below is a picture of friends and I (I’m in the bright neon Stigma Busters shirt) after finishing a 5km running event in Calgary last August.  I did that race as a fundraiser for the IBPF and raised over $500. I’ll be wearing the same shirt during the “4 Peaks” day.

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6 comments on “August 26 2015 “4 Peak” day
  1. Alanna says:

    Go Scott Go!

  2. Amy van den Berg says:

    Hey! This is nuts I just hiked Rundle last Friday at midnight and got to the summit for sunrise (a week later I’m still sore) and I can’t imagine doing that and THEN Cascade, Tunnel and Sulphur….amazing.

    I’m a summer reporter for the Bow Valley Crag & Canyon and would love to write a story on this endeavour! Please give me a call any time or maybe give me your number and we can figure out a good time to chat sometime today or this weekend.

    Really hope to hear from you!


  3. Mary says:

    You are amazing!! Keep up the amazing work!!

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