Bright futures for spring to fall of 2019

Today is the first day of spring for 2019 🙂

“Bright Future” is a concept that I learned while taking courses through Higher Laws.

Essentially they are events that someone is excited about doing and plans for.

I did a blog post about planned Bright Futures last year, and never updated it! I intend to do so this time around 🙂

Bright futures for spring to fall of 2019
Most of these I haven’t done before which is exciting!
1. Staycation/mastermind with a friend in Banff
2. See my cousins in Kamloops, BC
3. See my aunt and uncle in Golden, BC
4. See friend(s) in Sun Peaks, BC
5. Celebrate a fantastic birthday week in early June
6. Mountain bike in Golden, BC
7. Mountain bike in Invermere, BC
8. Mountain bike Lake Minnewanka Trail just outside of Banff
9. Bike to Moraine Lake and scramble up Tower of Babel above it
10. Do three or more floatation therapy sessions
11. Go to Heritage Park in Calgary
12. Eat at Waldhaus in Banff
13. Eat at Cliffhouse Bistro in Banff
14. Hike Castle Mountain between Banff and Lake Louise
15. Hike Berg Lake near Jasper
16. Hike Dolomite/Cirque Peak north of Lake Louise
17. Hike in Wells Gray Provincial Park, BC
18. Hike Yamnuska for sunrise (between Canmore and Calgary)
19. Hike Galatea to the 3rd lake in Kananaskis

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You Are Not Alone – event recap

Media coverage
Radio interview with Rob Murray at MountainFM (2min 43sec)
Newspaper article written by Marie Conboy in Banff’s Crag and Canyon

Thank you
Andrea Butler – for so many things! She was there with me the entire day. We had a lot of laughter and fun blended with some wonderfully vulnerable conversations about her journey with both bipolar disorder and depression. Andrea bravely did Facebook live videos. She also gave me invaluable insight and feedback after the event. Thank you Andrea so much for generously donating your time, and for all of your support of both me and the event!

Jean-Francois Dupras – for being there the entire afternoon and joining Andrea and I in some wonderful honest and enriching conversations about both his depression journey and mental health. He also did some fantastic Facebook live videos. Thank you Jean-Francois for generously donating your time and being so supportive of both me and the event! He is doing a multi-year project for mental health awareness in which he’s climbing the 7 Summits while raising funds for the CMHA. Check out his Facebook page and website.

Jim at Defending Awesome Shirts – for the fantastic gifted logo. Jim has been generously gifting his time, creative genius, support, and merchandise to friends and I since 2015’s “4 Peaks”. Thank you Jim for everything that you do for myself and mental health awareness. Check out Defending Awesome Shirts here.

Rob Murray at MountainFM – for being so supportive of both me and the various mental health awareness events that I’ve done in the Bow Valley since 2015. He has interviewed me, or friends and I, for each mental health awareness event that I’ve lead since 2015. If you require a fantastic DJ in the Bow Valley or Calgary I can’t recommend him enough!

Luke Hayes at Banff Lodging Company – for including this event in their weekly employee newsletter. Thank you Luke for being so kind as to spread the word about this event!

Recap of the day
Andrea and I got to the Canmore Nordic Centre day lodge right at 9am and got set up. I went and talked to the information area to let them know where we were located for those coming to the event. We had lots of good food and drinks, my laptop, tripod for Facebook live videos, cards, a board game, and a few books. Together her and I brainstormed a list of topics for potential Facebook live videos. Approximately every 30-60 minutes throughout the day we did a Facebook live video. Jean-Francois came just after lunch. We packed it in just before 5pm. After that, Andrea and I went out for supper. Part of that time was spent going over a debrief of the day – what went well, what didn’t go well, and what could be improved/changed. Fortunate the list of what didn’t go well was the shortest of the bunch. I’m grateful to have had wonderful conversations all day, with both Andrea and Jean-Francois 🙂

Embrace something different – I had never done this type of event before. It was totally different from the four previous bipolar disorder awareness and fundraising hikes that I had done. I wasn’t sure if anyone would come, if anyone would watch the videos, or how exactly the day would go. I decided to face my fear and do it anyways and am glad that I did 🙂

Tears of gratitude – while driving the day before You Are Not Alone, I heard the pre-recorded MountainFM interview that I did for this event. It was so cool to hear it and I had tears of gratitude come down. My intention for the event was to reach the people that could really use support. I was thinking that if I would have heard about the You Are Not Alone event at different times in my bipolar journey when I had depression, that I would have went.

People in the day lodge – while we were shooting Facebook live videos during the event, different people came up to myself and others. A few stated how what we’re doing is “so needed”, and another woman thanked us for doing this and spreading the word. That was very touching and meaningful for them to tell us that. Many of the conversations in the day lodge would quieten to a near hush level while we were shooting live videos. That was unexpected and greatly appreciated!

According to Facebook… – according to Facebook we were 40 meters away from the event the entire day. I know very little about GPS… Andrea and I had a good laugh about that a few times since we were RIGHT at the event!

Panel style video – in the afternoon I had a brainwave to do a “panel-sytle” Facebook live video with Andrea, Jean-Francois and I. With the topic being “stigma for men with mental illness”. Overall I was really happy with how both the discussion and video turned out.

Acceptance and gratitude – it was initially disappointing to me that there were only two participants. I was optimistic that more people would show up given the media attention. As the day went on it became apparent that there would only be the two people participating. Instead of feeling bad for myself and being unhappy that more people did not come, I decided to shift my focus to who was there. The two people who did come were awesome and I am so grateful that they did. And we had hundreds of people watch the videos 🙂

Videos from the day
These videos were all shot live via Facebook during the event. As of March 20, 2019 the Facebook live videos from that day have been viewed on Facebook a total of 1,766 times. The videos were all uploaded into YouTube and appear below.

About the You Are Not Alone logo

Andrea talks about decluttering

Lift Me Up Toolkit

Click here to receive your copy of the Lift Me Up Toolkit

Christmas mood vampires

What is your passion?

Andrea’s turning point

My turning point

Jean-Francois’ turning point


Stigma for men with mental illness

Thank you

Photos from the day

Andrea at mission control for the event


Sun poking behind the mountain at 12:25pm on one of the shortest days of the year


Andrea, Jean-Francois, and I at the event


Me with the gorgeous East End of Rundle in the background

Encore event?
I would love to do this event again at some point in December 2019.
Possible locations include:
– Canmore Nordic Centre in Canmore
– Winsport in Calgary
– Mt Norquay in Banff

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Embrace Your Passion – mental health awareness event

This event is open to all and no charge

What are you passionate about?
Some people with mental illnesses forget this question. They can go for periods of time without engaging in their passion(s). Once they remember and start to pursue that passion again, their life can change for the better…and quickly. I’m passionate about being active outdoors with family and friends. And that is exactly what this day will entail!


Event details
Cost – FREE to participate, food/drinks not included

Time – 9am to 3pm

Location – Sunshine Village

What the day will entail:
– 8:45am – meet at Creekside Lodge (at the base of Sunshine Village) on the 2nd floor at the couches, and sign waivers
– 9am – begin to snowshoe, ski or split board up from the base of Sunshine Village
– breaks at both Goat’s Eye daylodge as well as village day lodge (more if required)
– enjoy the incredible view from the top of Delirium Dive 🙂
– ski/board down to Trapper’s, or snowshoe down to the top of Angel Express which we’ll download to the village
– fun, food and drinks (your cost) at Trapper’s
– download the gondola or ski/board to the base (estimated time 3pm)
– during the entire day, I will be doing multiple Facebook live and/or Instagram live videos, as well as taking photos. All of those will be able to be viewed publicly. You do NOT have to participate in videos or photos, however I would greatly appreciate you doing so!

– at the start of the day, you will have to sign a participant waiver (mandatory) and be asked to sign a photo/video release waiver (not mandatory)

Participation options:
1. snowshoe/ski/split board from the base to the top of Delirium Dive
2. snowshoe/ski/split board from the base to the village (you’ll have a head start at Trapper’s!)
3. strictly fun, food and drinks at Trapper’s ($46.20 sightseeing lift ticket purchase required – not included…a GREAT option in my books)
NOTE – food and drinks are not included, bring your own gear or rent it

Weather concerns:
– if there is not sufficient snow on the ski out to snowshoe/split board/ski from the base, we will hike until there is snow!
– ensure that you have sunscreen and/or clothing coverage as the sun is very powerful with the reflection off the snow
– this event will be happening rain or shine. If the weather is terrible we will only go up to the village….or worst case, we’ll only go up to the Goat’s Eye station and take the gondola to the village.

Will this be a race?
NO!!! This day is all about fun and being active outside together with family and friends.

We will be doing a moderate pace.

Estimated ascension time from the base to the summit is approximately 4 hours, including PLENTY of breaks.

I’ve done this five times before…at a moderate pace, under 4 hours to the top is realistic.

Estimated ascension time to the village is 2.5 hours.

How steep is it snowshoeing/skiing/split boarding up Sunshine Village?
From the base to the village is fairly gentle with a few moderately steep short sections. From the village to the top of Angel Express is about the same. From the top of Angel Express to the top of Delirium Dive is a blue run and is steeper. This section is the most challenging part.


Why April 7?
April 7, 2019 would have been my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. They were both passionate about a variety of things including travel, reading, learning, community involvement, camping and gardening. I’m truly grateful that my parents always supported me in being active through simply playing outside and also with various organized sports. Although they have both passed away I feel this is a really cool way to honour them. My parents met in the Yukon when they were both school teachers. My Mom was from Manitoba and my Dad from New Zealand. They were married in Calgary on April 7, 1969 and I was born in Whitehorse, Yukon in 1973.


Reply to this post or email with Embrace Your Passion in the subject line.


If you have any media contacts, I’d greatly appreciate you sharing this event with them 🙂
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LIVE Gifted Group Universal Sphere® for April


This is a fantastic way for you to experience a Universal Sphere®.

Come to this call with something you would like energetic support around.

It could be:
– what you intend to focus on for April
– something you would like to let go of
– supercharging an area of your life that’s going really well
– your primary 2019 intention

Ideally be in a quiet comfortable space for this experience.

If you are not able to make the call live, watching the replay is as effective 🙂

Details of call
Investment – FREE
Time – 8am Mountain Time
Location – Universal Sphere® public Facebook page
Length – 15 to 20 minutes

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Stigma for men with mental illness

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Jean-Francois’ turning point

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My turning point

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Andrea’s turning point

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