Mindset #3 – Judgement

In my experience, there are four key mindsets that a person has to embody to be mentally stable.

The first mindset that I covered was gratitude.

The second was acceptance.

What do you think the fourth one is?

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Self Care

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Mindset #2 – Acceptance

This Facebook live was recorded last week.

In the last week my focus was on preparing, doing and recovering from Sulpur 9.0, an awareness and fundraising that friends and I did on August 31.

Acceptance is a very difficult subject to cover in a short video…

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Mindset #1 – Gratitude

Over the next four Wednesdays, I’ll be briefly covering what I feel are the four main mindsets.

This week’s is gratitude.

Yesterday I did a Facebook live around this topic. Watch it below!

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Great Films About Mental Illness

Which movies come to mind when you think of great films about mental illness?

For me, many of them are in this attached blog post from David Susman PhD.

I’ve seen five of ten that he listed and look forward to seeing the other five!

Are there any movies that you would add to the list?

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Are You TRULY Open And Curious?

More and more people are contacting me to ask:

How can I avoid being manic?
How can I be more mentally stable?
What can I do to be at peace?

I have suggestions for all of those and love to help people with a strong desire to change.

If you feel like this is speaking to you, email me and we’ll explore moving forward together.

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Do You Schedule Being Active?

We all know how many benefits there are to our mental health by being active.

How much importance do you place on it?

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Is There Only An “I” In Your Team?

Do you have a solid support network?

Or do you go it alone?

Hear about my experiences in the video below:

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2017 Awareness & Fundraising Hike – Sulphur 9.0

To donate

1. Via email money transfer to support@scottinsideout.com (preferred).
2. Via PayPal to support@scottinsideout.com .
3. Cash donation in person to Saki, Tyler or myself.

All funds raised will be split 50/50 between the International Bipolar Foundation and the Rotary Club of Banff.

Do you have a fundraising target?

We are open to see how much we can raise and do not have a set target in mind.

Our intention is to do everything we can in terms of spreading the word about this hike through friends and family, the Alberta Rotary clubs, and media.

Why are you raising money for the IBPF and the Rotary Club of Banff?

The International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) has a lot of free education and valuable resources for people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, as well as their family and friends. Their overhead is very low. Personally I have, and continue to, benefit from their resources and education.

The Rotary Club of Banff supports a number of local initiatives with very little overhead. They make a real difference in our local community.


Click here to read about the three dudes doing this hike.

Can I hike with you guys?

YES! You are more than welcome to join us on one or more of our ascents up Sulphur Mountain. Note that we will be doing a steady pace of 1 hour 20 min each time hiking up. We intend to keep this pace throughout. Whether you join us for 5 minutes, a portion of one ascent, or more, we would love to have you join us!

Why is it called Sulphur 9.0 – Challenging Consistency?

Sulphur 9.0 because we’ll be hiking up Sulphur Mountain nine times. We’ll do the first ascent and descent before the gondola begins operations for the day. On the other eight times up we will hike up and take the gondola down.

Challenging Consistency because many people with bipolar disorder know what to do to be consistently mentally stable, however they simply don’t do it. In my experience, the more consistent I’ve become in doing daily tools and habits to be proactive with my mental health, the more mentally stable I have become. Consistency is not generally celebrated, and in this hike we will be doing just that!

Why are you hiking Sulphur Mountain this year instead of doing multiple peaks?

First of all, it’s the only mountain that will allow us to do 20,000 vertical feet in a day. None of us doing the hike have done anything close to that amount of vertical in a day before…it’s a huge physical and mental stretch for all of us.

Secondly, some people consider Sulphur to be a very boring hike. Some people also feel that being consistent is boring. By hiking up a “boring” mountain nine times we are:

  • celebrating consistency
  • showing the power of support by doing the hike with each other and anyone else interested in joining us
  • exploring the limits of our physical and mental comfort zones

Why are you doing this hike on August 31?

August 31, 2017 will be my seventh anniversary for being psychiatric medication free. To me this is a HUGE deal. I was on two main medications for the first ten years of my bipolar disorder journey. The first medication that I was on for seven years gave me many noticeable side effects like tremoring hands, near constant thirst, and the very real potential of long term kidney damage or failure. The second medication had no “known” side effects. That being said, who knows what could happen to me if I kept taking that medication for years?

I feel that every person diagnosed with bipolar disorder can live a mentally stable life medication free.

I am living proof of that.

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What Helped You Most After First Being Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder?

I’d love to know what helped you the most after first being diagnosed!

Was it a certain medical professional sharing their expertise?

A conversation with a friend or family member who made you feel “normal”?

Starting a new habit or lifestyle?

To hear about my experience watch the video below…

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