Terrific Tuesday EP1

This video was shot live via YouTube on Tuesday April 3, 2018.

Transcription of video
Trust that your day is going well. I’m here at the top of Sulphur Mountain. It’s a chilly day. Right now it’s about minus 15 Celsius, which, if you put your hand in your freezer, that’s a tiny bit warmer than what it is right now. And thanks for tuning it to Terrific Tuesday. This is the first live version, and I’m optimistic that this will be a weekly occurrence.

What I’m going to talk about today is airplane mode. And for those of you who are not aware, you can actually put your phone in airplane mode at any time. Now, I know to some of you out there, that might seem really obvious. But I do know someone sent me an email and they’d just learned that, and were surprised that you can actually put your phone in airplane mode at any time.

So, in my experience, some of my really good friends, and people that I know well, have their phone in airplane mode the majority of the time. And what it allows them to do is to be fully present with people they’re with, fully present at work or their business. And it also lets them be … I lost my train of thought there. It also lets them just really enjoy life and not be connected all the time to technology. So, if you are someone that is on your phone a lot, which is happening more and more nowadays, I’d really encourage you to start using airplane mode more. So, what I’d suggest is to start with 15 minutes. See how that goes. If that goes okay, bump it up to 30 minutes. And that way, you can really get back to living your life, as opposed to being attached to your phone.

I know it’s ironic that you might be watching this video on your phone. But that’s totally cool. Airplane mode, for myself, my phone is almost always in airplane mode. There’s a short amount of time throughout the day that, obviously, I use my phone for actual video calls and for phone calls and texting, et cetera. But I do find that with my phone being in airplane mode most of the time, it allows me to be disconnected, and allows me to truly be present with myself and with people around me.

So, comment below. Let me know if airplane mode is something that you use, if it’s something that you’d like to use, if it’s something that scares you. I’d love to hear your thoughts around that.

So it’s Terrific Tuesday. This is now the second part, and I’m going to answer four questions. And it’s my intention to answer these same questions every week. So the first question is, what’s something that I could improve on? For myself, like a lot of you out there, I’ve had a really busy week, and I have to admit, something I can improve of is consistently doing the dishes. I’m embarrassed to say that yesterday, I actually ran out of plates. So I actually had to wash some dishes to have a clean plate. So that’s something I’m going to be improving on in the coming week, is actually doing dishes consistently, as opposed to letting them pile up.

The second question is, what’s a win from this week? A win for me is that I had two people register for my upcoming Universal Sphere workshop. That’s in Calgary at the end of this month. So they’re paid, they’re registered. And for me, that’s really exciting, because it’s still almost a month away. It’s at the end of this month.

The third question is, what’s a highlight from the last week? So, a highlight for me from this last week was, on Thursday of last week, I went skiing with a bunch of friends and coworkers, up at Sunshine Village. Had the whole day up there. And had a blast. A lot of those people, I had never skied or snowboarded with. And had a lot of laughs, had some great conversations, a ton of fun on the hill. So, that was a big highlight for me in the last week.

And the last question, number four, is, what are you looking forward to this week? So, what I’m looking forward to this week is, tomorrow, I’m going on a winter hike with a really good friend to Johnston Canyon. And for those of you who haven’t been to Johnston Canyon in the winter, get your butt down there. It’s gorgeous. It’s spectacular at any time of year. In my experience, this time of year, especially with the frozen waterfalls, it’s even more spectacular. So, I’ll be posting a video from there, sometime this week.

And for those of you finding value from these videos, you know, hit like. I’d greatly appreciate you subscribing, if you’d like to. And moving forward, I’ll be migrating a lot of videos that I did as Facebook Lives onto this YouTube channel. There’s a ton of things I’ll be adding in the coming month. I’m going to be going over the supplements that I use. I’m going to be covering the five pillars to natural mental wellness. There’s a whole bunch of stuff coming up, so stay tuned. If you really want to keep in touch, hit subscribe. I’d appreciate that. That helps me.

And what I’m going to do here is I’m just going to do a quick pano. Because it is gorgeous up here, even though it’s cold. I’ve got a lot of layers on, so I don’t feel it. And I’ll just sign off here by saying, thank you for watching. And make your mind your ally. I’m just going to turn this phone around, so I’ve just got to take my mitt off, here. So, as you can see, we’re at the top. I’m at the top of Sulfur Mountain. This is the Gondola building. For some reason, my phone wouldn’t let me shoot in landscape mode today. I don’t know why. So this is the top, here. So, that’s looking west. The Canada flag. It’s pretty still, as you can see. Up there is Samson’s Peak. Straight ahead there is Cascade Mountain. That’s looking down at the town of Banff. And that little small bump is Tunnel Mountain. Far distance, kind of in the middle, is Minnewanka, Lake Minnewanka. And then, just kind of going into the sun here is Mount Rundle.

So once again, thanks for tuning in. And have yourself a great week. Take care.

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Airplane Mode

Are you someone who only uses airplane mode on your phone when on an airplane?

Or in movie theatre or performance setting?

In today’s hyper-connected world it is easy to be digitally connected 24/7.

This is NOT healthy.

Watch the video below for my experience using airplane mode and a few tips!

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No Mind

No Mind is a mindset tool that I came across in the book “Creating A Bug Free Mind” written by Andy Shaw.

No Mind allows you to consciously shift your mindset from chaos to calm.

It allows you to be fully present, calm, and clear in your thinking.

When I do No Mind, I’m able to shut off my mind. It is such a wonderful feeling!

No Mind only takes about ten minutes to learn. The benefits will last you a lifetime…if you DO it.

Watch the video below to learn how to access No Mind!

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Bright Futures

“Bright Future” is a term that I learned while taking various Higher Laws courses.

They are experiences that you desire to have in your life. Places to go, people to see, certain targets….the possibilities are truly endless.

Bright Futures are memories that you look forward to making and are excited about doing!

For the past year I’ve been making lists every six months or so of Bright Futures that I intend to experience.

In the past I would write it on a piece of paper. For this current round I put a note in my phone.

If this idea resonates with you, take out a pen and paper and write some out.

Transfer that list to either a new paper and/or a digital note.

And then have fun planning and doing your Bright Futures!

Here’s my list that started in January and will go until May 31, 2018:
– snowshoe up Sunshine Village 3x – Jan 17 (completed), X date, X date
– snowshoe up Sunshine Village 2x in one day
– do two float sessions in a row
– ice hockey @ Lake Louise
– ice sculptures @ Lake Louise
– hike Johnston Canyon
– sub 20:00 5k run
– hike Grouse Mtn 5X in one day
– hike Chief in Squamish
– teach 50 or more people Universal Sphere®
– 40 or more people in Bipolar Uplift Community
– go to Golden
– downhill skiing @ Sunshine
– downhill skiing @ Lake Louise

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Part 5 – Moving Forward Confidently

The video below brings it all together.

Steps covered in the video include:
1. Having 1-2 action steps for each of the 3 areas covered in Part 4
2. Ensuring that the action step(s) you’ve come up with are inspiring, concise and doable for you.
3. Coming up with a reward for each of the action steps
4. Closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and opening your eyes to focus on your wellness plan that you’ve created. How does it feel?
5. When you feel energized and inpsired looking at it, go onto Step 6. If not amend your wellness plan until you feel that.
6. Review your 3, 6, and 12 month vision that you came up with in Step 1.
7. Review your intention that you wrote out in Step 1. Did this come to fruition?

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Part 4 – Moving Forward Confidently

If you haven’t checked out Part 3 – Moving Forward Confidently click here
If you haven’t checked out Part 2 – Moving Forward Confidently click here
If you haven’t checked out Part 1 – Moving Forward Confidently click here

This fourth installment asks you to narrow down the FIVE topics from “Your Now” in Part 2 and Part 3…to THREE.

What are the THREE areas of your life when improved would make the biggest difference in your life?

Watch the video below for more!

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Personal Evolution

For over 5 years my friend Shauna and I have been accountability buddies.

The name has evolved into Personal Evolution.

Here’s what the accountability looks like:
– we each come up with one or more targets for happy, healthy and wealthy
– we each come up with rewards for each of those targets
– we agree on a timeframe for the next round (start and end dates)
– we create coloured email text with our targets and rewards for the next round
– we place that coloured email text at the top of each email that we send to one another
– we email each other our targets for the next day(s)
– we update in the emails whether we completed those daily targets or not
– we have phone calls once in a while to check in

Having Shauna’s consistent support in my life has made a big difference in my life! I am so grateful that she continues to do the Personal Evolution with me after all these years.

Changes that I’ve made in my life from doing this Personal Evolution:
– embedding easy yoga consistently into my life (primarily for lower back)
– adding various components to my morning activation (routine)
– doing multiple Universal Spheres® daily
– having all printed photos organized and digitally scanned
– decluttering multiple times
– embedding interval workouts consistently into my life
– having better sleep patterns

Below are my current targets and rewards from our current round. This is the first time I’ve shared them publicly during a round.

1. By March 29, 2018 I have completed reading Using A Bug Free Mind (UABFM).
   REWARD: drink at Rundle Lounge at Fairmont Banff Springs
2.  By March 29, 2018 I have gone through the Life Designing Process (LDP) videos and completed all exercises.
   REWARD: drink at RimRock Hotel
On March 29, 2018 I am getting up by 9 am every day.
   REWARD: $10 iTunes gift card
By March 31, 2018 I have brought all my income tax returns up to date.
   REWARD: lunch at Communitea in Canmore
You’ll notice that two of my rewards above are for drinks. The funny thing is that I’m a non-drinker! Both Rundle Lounge and the RimRock Hotel are beautiful environments that I love to be in. 
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Part 3 – Moving Forward Confidently

Click here to read Part 2

Click here to read Part 1

Since Part 2 was released, a few categories were added to the “Your Now”. One was suggested by a email newsletter recipient and the other I thought of.

They include:
– spirituality
– technologically connected

Watch the video below to continue with the process!

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Part 2 – Moving Forward Confidently

If you missed Part 1 click here

Set aside 30-60 minutes to go through the questions below on your own. Ideally in a quiet and relaxing place.

Here’s the recap of Part 2’s “Your Now”:
4.morning activation (routine)
5.evening wind-down (routine)
9.alcohol/drug use
13.dominant thinking patterns
a) self doubt
b) negativity
c) judgement
d) acceptance
e) self worth
f) intention/belief
g) self love
h) self compassion
i) when feeling low
j) when feeling hypo-manic

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Part 1 – Moving Forward Confidently

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