2017 Awareness & Fundraising Hike – Sulphur 9.0

To donate

1. Via email money transfer to support@scottinsideout.com (preferred).
2. Via PayPal to support@scottinsideout.com .
3. Cash donation in person to Saki, Tyler or myself.

All funds raised will be split 50/50 between the International Bipolar Foundation and the Rotary Club of Banff.

Do you have a fundraising target?

We are open to see how much we can raise and do not have a set target in mind.

Our intention is to do everything we can in terms of spreading the word about this hike through friends and family, the Alberta Rotary clubs, and media.

Why are you raising money for the IBPF and the Rotary Club of Banff?

The International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) has a lot of free education and valuable resources for people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, as well as their family and friends. Their overhead is very low. Personally I have, and continue to, benefit from their resources and education.

The Rotary Club of Banff supports a number of local initiatives with very little overhead. They make a real difference in our local community.


Click here to read about the three dudes doing this hike.

Can I hike with you guys?

YES! You are more than welcome to join us on one or more of our ascents up Sulphur Mountain. Note that we will be doing a steady pace of 1 hour 20 min each time hiking up. We intend to keep this pace throughout. Whether you join us for 5 minutes, a portion of one ascent, or more, we would love to have you join us!

Why is it called Sulphur 9.0 – Challenging Consistency?

Sulphur 9.0 because we’ll be hiking up Sulphur Mountain nine times. We’ll do the first ascent and descent before the gondola begins operations for the day. On the other eight times up we will hike up and take the gondola down.

Challenging Consistency because many people with bipolar disorder know what to do to be consistently mentally stable, however they simply don’t do it. In my experience, the more consistent I’ve become in doing daily tools and habits to be proactive with my mental health, the more mentally stable I have become. Consistency is not generally celebrated, and in this hike we will be doing just that!

Why are you hiking Sulphur Mountain this year instead of doing multiple peaks?

First of all, it’s the only mountain that will allow us to do 20,000 vertical feet in a day. None of us doing the hike have done anything close to that amount of vertical in a day before…it’s a huge physical and mental stretch for all of us.

Secondly, some people consider Sulphur to be a very boring hike. Some people also feel that being consistent is boring. By hiking up a “boring” mountain nine times we are:

  • celebrating consistency
  • showing the power of support by doing the hike with each other and anyone else interested in joining us
  • exploring the limits of our physical and mental comfort zones

Why are you doing this hike on August 31?

August 31, 2017 will be my seventh anniversary for being psychiatric medication free. To me this is a HUGE deal. I was on two main medications for the first ten years of my bipolar disorder journey. The first medication that I was on for seven years gave me many noticeable side effects like tremoring hands, near constant thirst, and the very real potential of long term kidney damage or failure. The second medication had no “known” side effects. That being said, who knows what could happen to me if I kept taking that medication for years?

I feel that every person diagnosed with bipolar disorder can live a mentally stable life medication free.

I am living proof of that.

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What Helped You Most After First Being Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder?

I’d love to know what helped you the most after first being diagnosed!

Was it a certain medical professional sharing their expertise?

A conversation with a friend or family member who made you feel “normal”?

Starting a new habit or lifestyle?

To hear about my experience watch the video below…

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What Do You Consistently Do To Be Active?

We all know that being physically active is very good for our mental health.

Do you really know this?

Are you someone that is consistently active?

If so what activities do you enjoy?

I challenge you to do one activity that you enjoy twice in the next week.

No time limits or parameters…just get out there and do it!

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Everything Is Energy

We’ve all heard heard, read or said this statement many times.

What does it mean to you?

For me, it means using an energy tool daily. The tool that I learned is called Universal Sphere®. As a direct result of using it daily I am more calm, grounded, and have a greater sense of optimism about my future.


If so, check out the links below about Universal Sphere®:
Video explaining what it is (6 min 22 sec)
Webpage explaining the Universal Sphere® (2 min read)
Scientific evidence of the benefits of the Universal Sphere® (10 min read)
My video testimonial of how the Universal Sphere® has helped me (6 min 41 sec)

If you are curious and open-minded…I have an opportunity for you.

For the first 5 people, I’m offering a Universal Sphere® session at nearly 60% off! 

The investment for a 45 minute session is $30 Canadian. 

Email me to take advantage of this incredible offer. I will never offer sessions at this low a price again.

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Who Do You Support?

In my experience, when I’ve been low and/or depressed, I’ve tended to only focus on myself.

Sound familiar?

I’ve heard many others say that.

Whether you’re feeling low, depressed, blah, “normal”, happy, etc….support someone. It could be a quick text, a phone call, giving a hug, cooking something for someone and giving it to them as a gift, having someone over to your home for coffee, or any other way you feel that is supportive to others.

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What features do you love in mental health websites?

During the month of June I’m doing some changes to this website.

And I would LOVE your input!

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My 43rd year highlights

Tomorrow is my 44th birthday :-)

I am fortunate and grateful to have had such a wonderful past year. My Dad didn’t see his 43rd birthday, passing away the summer prior from colon cancer. This was top of mind around my birthday last year.

Below are my highlights (and one lowlight) from the last 12 months:

Being overall holistically healthy and injury-free
Besides a big mountain bike spill on a technical trail last summer I’ve been injury-free which I am truly grateful for! I do my best for injury prevention by keeping my core fairly strong and doing gentle yoga consistently for lower back fluidity and strength. I’m overall holistically healthy as well. I could improve with eating better more consistently and have been sick the odd time, however I am fortunate to be able to live an active lifestyle with no mobility limitations.

Christmas Day with my brother
My brother Duane lives in Calgary and came out here on Christmas Day. We had such a great day! It was sunny and cold that day…around -18C from what I recall. When he got here we hiked Johnston Canyon trail which is stunning in the winter. After getting back to my place and doing our 30 second gift exchange, we played some dominoes and hung out for a while. We ate supper at a Thai place, and came back to my place to play backgammon and chat some more. It was a wonderful day :-)

Beautiful scenery at Johnston Canyon

Front row to Mystere in Las Vegas
At the start of December I had a night by myself in Las Vegas after taking a course in St George, UT with my buddy Francesco. I decided to treat myself and got a ticket for Cirque du Soleil’s “Mystere”. It was a discounted front row ticket! It was incredible to see the beads of sweat rolling off some performers and to marvel at their incredible athletism. Luckily no sweat got on me!

Skyline backpacking trip
In August I did a backcountry hiking trip on the Skyline Trail with my friends Masaki and Leigh-Anne. The trail is very close to the Jasper townsite and starts at Maligne Lake. I hadn’t done a backcountry trip in almost ten years and was nervous. The trail is rated as one of the most scenic backcountry trails in Canada and I can definitely see why! I got very little sleep those two nights however it was worth it.

Hiking Skyline Trail towards Jasper

Learning Universal Sphere® and becoming a practitioner
In September I learned a next-generation energy tool called Universal Sphere. It was very easy to learn and is something that I now use on a daily basis. As a direct result I now feel more calm, grounded, and have a greater sense of trust that the Universe has my back. If you’re curious, click here to watch a video testimonial of me talking about it. I just recently started doing paid sessions for others and love it! This may sound very woo-woo to you, which I totally understand. However there is scientific evidence showing tangible evidence of the benefits of it.

Lowlight – news and down the rabbit hole
For the last number of years I purposely don’t follow the news much as I find most of it depressing and negative in nature. Last August I started following the news closely and diving deep into some of the recent and upcoming events (eg-USA election). At the same time I went down the rabbit hole watching various documentaries about New World Order, the Rothschilds, reasons for various wars, etc… Essentially a lot of this painted a very black picture about various things in our world. Since that time I am doing my best to be a projector of good energy and light in this world, and have resumed barely following the news. I am holding the space that the light (positive) forces in our collective consciousness will overtake the dark and negative.

4 Peaks Canmore
For the second consecutive year I did a fundraising hike with my friend Tyler on August 31. The hike was to raise awareness for bipolar disorder, to raise funds for the International Bipolar Foundation, and also to raise funds for Parkinson Canada (Tyler’s charity of choice). August 31 is a special day for me as it’s my medication-free anniversary. I’m fortunate to have not been on any psychiatric medication since August of 2010 (with various medical professionals’ support) and do not intend to again moving forward. When I got up on August 31 for the hike, my stomach was really queasy. Tyler and I biked into Canmore, hiked up and down Grotto Mountain, biked up to Cougar Creek, and then hiked up to the platform on Lady MacDonald. During all of that my stomach was getting worse and I was getting progressively slower. At the platform I made the difficult decision to call it a day and start heading down. Tyler continued to the summit. After getting back down to Cougar Creek we biked down to my car which was in the core area of Canmore. I stopped and supported Tyler the rest of the day. It was SO inspiring to see him bike up to Grassi Lakes, run up and down East End of Rundle, and then run up and down Ha Ling Peak. He is a machine! Click here to read a full recap of this fundraising hike as well as my lessons learned. Planning is in the works for a 3rd hiking fundraiser this August 31…

Tyler and I at the top of Grotto Mountain, our first peak during 4 Peaks Canmore

Tantra Relationships course
Every Thursday evening in April I fully participated in a tantra relationships course in Calgary facilitated by the incredible Rovena Skye. The course was definitely out of my comfort zone! The vast majority of the course focused on effective communication…being fully present, asking for what I truly desire, receiving what I desire, and asking permission. We covered other concepts like Core Erotic Blueprints and the Wheel of Consent. All touch was non-sexual and done only with permission. It was a fantastic course and I feel that I have better skills and communication for an upcoming primary relationship.

BC road trip
In May I did a road trip to British Columbia. First I stopped at my friend Klaus’ place in Vancouver to visit him and his family. I then went camping on my own in the Tofino area on the west coast of Vancouver Island for four days. That is the first time that I’ve been there. I spent the days hiking, exploring and sightseeing. The weather was ideal, around 20C most days and sunny. Gorgeous place! On the drive back I stopped to see my cousin Tania and her husband Toby at their beautiful newly built home overlooking Kamloops, and stayed overnight with my aunt Sheryl and uncle Stan in Golden.

Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet (near Tofino)

Lake O’Hara
This is an area I had heard a lot about from various people however I had never been. I got a group of six friends together and made a campsite reservation for the end of June…three months in advance for our late September overnight. On the first day we hiked the circuit around the area in very cool and overcast conditions. The second day we awoke to bright blue skies and it got up to around 20C. We hiked to an area and were by ourselves! Spent the day hiking around, soaking in the sun, and admiring the larch trees which had turned to their stunning gold colour.

Group shot while hiking in the Lake O’Hara area

Me admiring the golden larch trees in the Lake O’Hara area

Learning to heal subconscious blocks
In October I attended a five day in-person business course in Canmore facilitated by the inspiring intuitive business coach Fia-Lynn Crandall. She taught us how to heal our own subconscious blocks. Learning it was powerful! During one of the healing sessions I had a headache come up during the process. I trusted the process and kept plugging on. After that session was complete my headache instantly went away! Since that course I’ve healed many subconscious blocks, primarily around the areas of power, fear and money. I still have some blocks to heal and am truly grateful to have the ability to help myself move through various roadblocks that I subconsciously have.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I greatly appreciate it.

I’m setting the intention that my 44th time around the sun will be my best year yet :-)

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Being Real

Moving forward I will be doing my best to be more real and authentic on my Facebook posts and videos.

Even though I consider myself mentally stable, healthy, and happy, I still have challenges like pretty well everyone else.

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How Can I Give You More Value?

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3rd Key Concept For CONSISTENT Mental Stability

In the last two videos, I briefly went over what I feel are two of the keys
for mental stability.

What do you feel is another key concept?

Watch the video below to find out!

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