Global Energetic Expansion for April 2020 – Wed April 1 at 8:30pm MT

From the comfort of your home 🙂

If you are someone who meditates and/or enjoys meditation come join!

This is a fantastic way for you to experience a Universal Sphere®.
And if you are someone who has learned Universal Sphere you can add to the energy of the experience!

The intention of this call is to come together and collectively support our planet energetically during this global situation.

Ideally be in a quiet comfortable space for this experience. Turn off your phone and all notifications.

If you are not able to make the call live, watching the replay is as effective 🙂

*** Details of the call ***
Investment – FREE
Date – Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Time – 8:30pm Mountain Time (7:30pm PT, 9:30pm CT,10:30pm ET, )
Location – Universal Sphere public Facebook page
Length – approximately 15 minutes

This LIVE experience will be lead by Universal Sphere instructor Scott Walker 🙂

NOTE – If you are not on Facebook, this recording will be uploaded on YouTube to the Scott Inside Out channel here.


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You Are Not Alone – FREE depression awareness event

December is a depressive time of year for some people. They may feel truly alone…sometimes telling themselves that nobody knows what being depressed feels like.

You are not alone!

Where: Modern Wellness – #215 – 826 Main St, Canmore, AB (Upstairs, across from Yoga Lounge)
When: Sun Dec 22 from 10am to 5pm

At this FREE event:
– people will be sharing about their depression journey in an honest and vulnerable way
– you will hear about different tools you can use or learn to lift your mood
– you can learn about advanced health-enhancing technology available at Modern Wellness (not included)

Come join us in person at Modern Wellness in Canmore, AB!

There will be different speakers throughout the day. People will be there to chat, play board games and/or cards with you.


If you’re not able to join in person we will be streaming parts of the day on Facebook live.

A HUGE thank you to Modern Wellness in Canmorefor donating use of their space and co-hosting, and to Defending Awesome for the logo 🙂

If you have any questions reply to this post.

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Wed Dec 4 @ 7:30pm MT – LIVE Gifted Group Universal Sphere® for December (audio only)


From the comfort of your home 🙂

This is a fantastic way for you to experience a Universal Sphere®.

And to start off your December with an energetic boost!

Come to this call with something you would like energetic support around.

It could be:
– what you intend to focus on for December
– something you would like to let go of
– supercharging an area of your life that’s going really well
– your primary 2019 intention (there’s still time!)

Ideally be in a quiet comfortable space for this experience. Turn off your phone and all notifications.

NOTE: This call will be audio only.

If you are not able to make the call live, watching the replay is as effective 🙂

*** Details of the call ***
Investment – FREE
Date – Wed Dec 4
Time – 8:30 pm Mountain Time (7:30pm PT, 9:30pm CT, 10:30pm ET)
Location – Universal Sphere public Facebook page
Length – 10 to 15 minutes

This LIVE experience will be lead by Universal Sphere instructor Scott Walker 🙂

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24 hours of Tunnel

A huge THANK YOU to Mari Sakamoto for painting the image for this year’s logo shown above, and to Jim Kwan at Defending Awesome for the text!

TOTAL donations received: $3510  This is our highest out of all 5 years!!

To donate
1. PREFERRED – via PayPal or etransfer to (no tax receipt)
2. Cash in person to Tyler, Saki or Scott (no tax receipt)
3. Online to the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF). PLEASE send an email to after donating to the IBPF, to ensure that your donation is added to our total.

Please note: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A TAX RECEIPT, we’d greatly appreciate you donating to the IBPF directly.

Pre-recorded interview on MountainFM Canmore
Newspaper article in Crag and Canyon Banff (digital copy no longer available)
Live interview on 630AM CHED Edmonton


Defending Awesome – creating the logo and t-shirts for us since 2015, as well as event promotion

lululemon Banff – gifting me amazing clothing for three years running, as well as event promotion

Atmosphere Banff – generously donated us $200 in gift certificates for gear

Are you actually hiking Tunnel Mtn for 24 hours straight?
Tyler, Saki and I are! This is not a relay for us. We intend to take a 20-30 min break every six hours. Anyone can join us for a lap. We already have people joining us for the overnight portion which is greatly appreciated.

Who are you raising money for?
Donations received by us will be split 50/50 with the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) and the Banff Community High School (BCHS) athletic department. Donations made directly to the IBPF will be added to our total however not shared with BCHS.

What does the money raised actually go towards?
The IBPF uses our donations to help pay the costs for incredible resources which are freely available to anyone. Those resources included printed materials, online webinars, and various outreach programs that they lead.

BCHS uses our donations to help pay for experiences and sports equipment for students in financial need. Last year our donations helped pay for two things. The first was snow pants which have been added to the school’s inventory. The second was students’ lift passes and rentals during a Lake Louise ski day.

Why are you raising money for the IBPF and BCHS?
I have greatly benefitted from the resources that the IBPF provides. They having so much available on their website for people like myself who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2000. I have personally been to their office in San Diego and know firsthand that it is a small organization. They put a very high percentage of donations received into actual use…not overhead.

I used to be a school teacher and have immense respect for what the BCHS athletic department does for students. Saki has coached the boy’s volleyball team at BCHS for years. He’s also been running community drop-in volleyball at the high school on Wednesday nights for eons!

What is the theme of this year’s hike?
“Together is Better”. Building a solid and reliable support network, as well as reaching out when required, are both so important. Especially for those of us living with a diagnosed mental illness.

During the first 9 years of my bipolar journey I attempted to do it on my own. Now I know that Together is Better!

Can I join?
Yes! Anyone can join us hiking up Tunnel Mountain.

First and last lap
Start of first lap: 7pm Wed Jul 10
Start of last lap: approx 5:45pm-6pm Thur Jul 11
We’d love as many people as possible to join us for either or both of these! You could help carry me up to the top on the last lap lol.

What do I bring if I’m coming?
Activewear – runners/hiking boots, comfortable wicking clothing, layers
Food and snacks
Cash to donate (optional)

How can I follow along during the event?
I will be doing many updates in real time including live videos on my personal Facebook page. I will be doing an update each lap when we’re at the top.

Event details
Start time: 7pm on Wed July 10
Start/finish location: Bottom of Tunnel Mountain trail at the St Julien Rd parking lot
Finish time: 7pm on Thur July 11

Will you be taking breaks?
We plan to take a 20-30 min break every 6 hours. So at approximately 1am, 7am, and 1pm. Or sooner when nature calls!

Are you nervous?
I am as I’ve never done a 24 hour event before! My mental health and self care are my top priorities during this event. If at any point I am not doing well mentally I will pull out. Personally I don’t anticipate that happening however I know it is a possibility. The longest event I’ve ever done was last year’s 6 Peaks Lake Louise where we hiked for almost 18.5 hours including breaks.

What do you plan on eating and drinking during the event?
Saki and I are fortunate to have Tyler’s expertise in this regard. Tyler is an ultra-marathon runner. On a few long hikes in the next few weeks I’ll be experimenting with a powder that mixes into water. It takes care of my calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs. On previous fundraising hikes my stomach would sometimes not feel good or I wouldn’t eat enough. This powder takes care of everything so I would be only drinking and not eating. Personally I love the simplicity of this. More and more ultra-marathoners use a product like this.

We welcome them! Please email us at .

Videos from previous bipolar awareness and fundraising hikes

Click here to read about all previous bipolar awareness and fundraising hikes

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My 46th birthday week

On June 7, I celebrated my 46th birthday 

In my 30’s I didn’t do much to celebrate my birthday. My mom, my brother and friends would tell me that I have to do something.

Quite often I’d do nothing, or once in a while I would go for a drink or supper with my brother on my birthday.

When I turned 40 I decided to turn a new leaf and celebrate a “birthday week”.

This past week I did just that! I am so grateful to have created such a wonderful week 

Below are some highlights of my birthday week.

Sat June 1
– lead a free online Universal Sphere® group experience
– co-hosted a Tunnel Mountain cleanup with The Bear Minimum and Good Earth Banff

Sun June 2
– went for a fun technical mountain bike ride with my buddy Stu at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Mountain biking at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Mon June 3
– had a drink at Rundle Lounge at Fairmont Banff Springs my friend Andrea who was in town. It was a really good conversation!

Tue June 4
– hiked Tunnel Mtn with friends Tyler and Sam. Afterwards we did a soak in the frigid Bow River. I did it to mid-calf and couldn’t feel my feet lol.

At the top of Tunnel Mountain

Friend Tyler soaking in the Bow River

Wed June 5
– did a hill interval bike ride on my own. A really good workout and super fun!

Fun area to do intervals!

Thur June 6
– enjoyed a double floatation therapy session at FloatLife in Calgary in which I “floated” for 3hr10 min
– had fun playing pool and table tennis with my brother Duane while catching up
– on the drive into Calgary I had a wonderful phone call with my friend Corina in Dallas
– on the drive back to Banff, my friend Pete in Red Deer and I had a good catch up phone call

Just before entering the floatation tank

Friday June 7 (my actual birthday)
– loved spending the day at Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Banff Springs
– had lunch with friends Masaki and Andrew
– treated myself to a Tree of Life Activation (a birthday gift to myself) facilitated by my friend Paul of Soul Genesis
– enjoyed a tasty homemade meal at Sam and Tyler’s place
– played the board game Abundance with Sam and Tyler while watching the Raptors win!
– capped our night off with fresh ginger “shots” in wine glasses
– had an epsom salt bath at home before having an 8hr sleep
– despite the intermittent snow on my birthday it was a great day!

Mineral pool at the spa

Snow on my birthday?

Fresh ginger juice shots at friends Tyler and Sam’s place

My friend Josie suggested that I change the name of “My birthday week” to “Celebration of Scott”.

What do you think?

I’m truly grateful to have created such a wonderful birthday week celebrating ME with my brother and friends

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My 5th manic episode?

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“24hrs of Tunnel” announcement

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Grieving Mom (4th depressive episode)

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Why did this happen? (4th manic episode)

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Shocked and surprised (3rd manic episode)

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