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You Are Not Alone – Free Depression Awareness Event

Is the holiday season a tough time of year for you? Do you feel anxious as soon as the calendar flips to December? The holiday season can be a VERY difficult time for many people. If you are one of

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Quick & Easy Nutrition Keys – 1 of 5 – Probiotics

In today’s Facebook live I talked about the benefits of probiotics, and also some quick and easy ways to ensure that these go into your body every day. If you’re curious about what I do daily for probiotic support watch

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Who Do You Support?

In my experience, when I’ve been low and/or depressed, I’ve tended to only focus on myself. Sound familiar? I’ve heard many others say that. Whether you’re feeling low, depressed, blah, “normal”, happy, etc….support someone. It could be a quick text,

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What Are You Focusing On – The Good Or The Bad?

There’s a well known expression saying that what we focus on expands. What are YOU focusing on? In this video I share a daily tool that helps me focus on the good in my life.

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What I Learned From The Last Time I Was Depressed

There are a couple of key things I learned from that time, and have since changed in my life. What have you learned from the times in which you were low or depressed?

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How Do I Start To Feel Better When I’m Feeling Down?

In my experience, it’s best to be proactive with my mood when I’m feeling down. I’m not talking about full-on depression. I’m talking about when I’ve had something bad happen, an unexpected negative event, or the like. This video shares

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Why I’m very happy that Casey Affleck won an Oscar on Sunday night

This is the first time I’ve posted a Facebook live video on here. My apologies for the shaky screen and loud banging. Next time I will not shoot video close to a recycling depot! Check out the Scott Inside Out

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Who Do You Support?

In the past week I had an in-depth conversation about bipolar disorder with a friend of mine who knows very little about it.  I appreciated her honesty and being open to learn about something that has been a big part

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Lift Me Up file

The purpose of this tool is be reminded of good things that people have said about us.  When I’ve felt low in the past and taken a look through this file, it has helped to improve my mood. This tool

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How closely do you follow the news?

For a number of years I worked in the financial industry and HAD to closely follow the news to be well-informed.  Near the end of that time I started taking various self-improvement courses and started having different sessions with various

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