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Bright futures for spring to fall of 2019

Today is the first day of spring for 2019 🙂 “Bright Future” is a concept that I learned while taking courses through Higher Laws. Essentially they are events that someone is excited about doing and plans for. I did a

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My top ten 2018 highlights and two lowlights

Aunt Liz & Uncle Ken’s 60th wedding anniversary In February my Aunt Liz and Uncle Ken celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in Calgary. 60 years! Liz is my Mom’s sister. I was nervous about attending as I hadn’t seen some

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My 45th birthday week

For a few years I now celebrate my entire birthday week – not only my birthday. Why? First of all, I’ve had many suicidal thoughts thoughts during my bipolar disorder journey. Especially the first five years from 2000 to 2005.

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Bright Futures

“Bright Future” is a term that I learned while taking various Higher Laws courses. They are experiences that you desire to have in your life. Places to go, people to see, certain targets….the possibilities are truly endless. Bright Futures are

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Personal Evolution

For over 5 years my friend Shauna and I have been accountability buddies. The name has evolved into Personal Evolution. Here’s what the accountability looks like: – we each come up with one or more targets for happy, healthy and

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My 43rd year highlights

Tomorrow is my 44th birthday 🙂 I am fortunate and grateful to have had such a wonderful past year. My Dad didn’t see his 43rd birthday, passing away the summer prior from colon cancer. This was top of mind around

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