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Stigma for men with mental illness

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Mindset Resource #1 – Reframe Your Blame

Once a week for the upcoming weeks, I will share a different free or low cost mindset resource that has helped me. Reframe Your Blame is a book that I first worked through in 2009. Notice that I said worked

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Mindset #4 – Shame

For me there are four key mindsets to being mentally stable despite having a bipolar disorder diagnosis.

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Let’s Keep Talking

Yesterday in Canada was “Bell Let’s Talk” day, an initiative to get more people talking about mental health in addition to reducing stigma. The telecommunications company Bell donated five cents towards from various social media interactions to a multitude of

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The lone tree – part 2

Scott Inside Out’s last post about the lone tree focused on support.  When I look at lone trees I also see is that of choosing to live and really fighting for it.  Trees that are located in areas with high

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