Days 11-20 Recap for GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

These posts were posted daily on the Scott Inside Out Facebook page.

Day 20 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful that I have no physical pain.

In my early 20’s I had lower back issues which gave me a numbing sort of pain when I sat down for over an hour.

Last summer I attempted to lift a box with my back while moving…smart! It took me about a month to get my back 100% again.

I had weak ankles for years from playing volleyball…twisted each of them multiple times both ways.

Fortunately my ankles have gotten much stronger, most likely from hiking on undulating terrain. I haven’t rolled an ankle in a very long time 


Day 19 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful that I have learned so much being a teacher, coach and mentor.

I’ve been doing so since and including high school, when I taught and coached downhill skiing in Manitoba starting in Grade 11.

Some of the many things that I have learned include:
– becoming more confident in myself
– asking for feedback for how to be a better teacher
– becoming more adapt at sensing when people require help without them saying anything
– getting increasingly better at sensing when someone
needs a reminder or vocal encouragement
– reading people’s body language
– using non-verbal cues effectively
– projecting my voice when required despite not having a booming voice
– and countless others!

Despite being in the role of teacher, coach or mentor, I’ve found that I often learn as much or more than the people I am working with 

In this picture you can see ski runs from Mt Norquay.

I taught downhill skiing there on a part-time basis for a total of 6 winters, including two when I still had a corporate job in Calgary.

Since I was 17 I’ve taught and coached many sports and courses including: volleyball, table tennis, 3 different Special Olympics sports (downhill skiing, soccer, swimming), CPR, various financial courses with different companies, ESL in Japan, ESL tutoring in Canada, and training new servers in restaurants.

I was also a junior high teacher for a short period of time after graduating from university and found it WAY too stressful!

At the present time I teach Universal Sphere® workshops and mentor people diagnosed with bipolar disorder in getting their lives back on track.

What are you grateful for?


Day 18 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful that I normally get to sleep quickly and that I am a deep sleeper.

I’m meeting more and more people in person or online who have sleep difficulties.

There are many people out there who either take a long time to get to sleep, or wake up earlier than they’d like because of various reasons.

Sleep is where our bodies restore and regenerate and is so vital to our health.

In bipolar disorder online groups that I’m part of, some people take medications for sleep. One person stated that she takes FIVE meds just for sleep!?

While hiking down Tunnel Mountain on my own today, I got chatting with a woman from North Carolina.

She told me that she took a wrong turn at the top and ended up going down a steep trail for a little bit before she got back onto the main trail.

I told her that trail leads to the Banff ghetto.

She asked me “does Banff have a ghetto?”.

I had a laugh and said there is no Banff ghetto 


Day 17 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful for incredible technology that we are fortunate to have.

Being able to have a video call nearly anywhere in the world.

Bringing up almost any song ever recorded on YouTube.

Having millions of pages of documents able to be stored on a memory card no bigger than a coin.

Trains that go over 400 km/hr.

Planes that can fly over half way around the world without refuelling.

Cars that drive hundreds of kilometers without gasoline.

Houses that are self-sufficient off the grid.

And the list goes on…

What are you grateful for?


Day 16 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful to have seen a fantastic sunrise this morning while hiking on Tunnel Mountain with my friend Saki.

I’ve been very fortunate to have witnessed some incredible sunrises from various mountains.

My most memorable was from the top of Mt Fuji after doing a pre-dawn hike to the summit.

As soon as the sun peaked out above the horizon, everybody started singing the Japanese national anthem.

That day there was a layer of clouds covering the landscape below, and another upper layer of clouds.

A picture from that experience is in the comments below.

That picture as well as today’s simply do not do it justice.

The true spectacle of each and many more live fully only in my mind 


Day 15 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful to slowly be getting more comfortable and confident while shooting videos 👍

What are you grateful for?

Day 14 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for having an energy session with a shaman today.

I was super nervous!


Because I was the one giving the energy session.

This shaman is very open-minded and curious. She will be attending my Universal Sphere® workshop on Sunday Dec 2 in Calgary…it’s a “next-generation” energy tool that use on a daily basis since learning it in Sep of 2016. I’ve been teaching it for a little over a year at in-person workshops.

I truly look forward to meeting her in December.

Thank you to my buddy Joe for joining me in hiking up Tunnel in the early evening tonight! He shone his headlamp on the tree in the picture which I thought was an interesting effect. That’s the moon in the upper left 


Day 13 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful that I know how to skate.

Today my buddy Saki and I went skating at Johnson Lake just outside of Banff.

It’s such a cool feeing to glide along the ice. And to see various things through the clear ice. Today we saw methane bubbles in the ice, a vertical frozen leaf, nets from a fish research study, incredible natural geometric formations on the ice, and weeds which look so different frozen in ice.

Growing up my parents had my in hockey skills for a few years, and lower level organized hockey (house league) for six years. Throughout those years they often put me in power skating classes.

Even though I never played a high level of hockey, I was often able to keep up with more highly-skilled buddies when playing hockey for fun. This was simply because I took power skating for years and have good skating technique fundamentals.

I was fortunate that while growing up, one of our neighbours often made an outdoor rink. From what I recall it had small boards and even a few lights! It was so great to go out there and play with them.

A few times my Dad got ambitious and cleared a skating rink for us on the Red River. Our house was just across the street from the river.

I remember one time he took the snowblower down to the river to make a rink. He BARELY got the snowblower back up!! It’s a fairly steep slope about 30 feet high from the river back to the road. Add fresh unpacked snow to that… I remember skating on the ice looking up at him struggling and swearing away lol.

Last year I played outdoor hockey a handful of times in Banff. I’m looking forward to doing so again this winter!

After skating at Johnson Lake today I did a quick hike up Tunnel. The trail is almost snow-free from the milder weather we’ve had the past number of days.

What are you grateful for?


Day 12 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

What are you grateful for?

As you may already know, during November I am hiking Tunnel Mountain above Banff daily and posting about something that I’m grateful for.

I am grateful to have attended a fantastic marketing workshop yesterday in Calgary facilitated by Tad Hargrave.

I learned so much and most importantly will be implementing many changes in my business.

Those changes include:

– being more bold and proud of the fact that I am medication free despite a bipolar disorder type 1 diagnosis (celebrated my 8 year med-free anniversary on Aug 31  )

– encouraging others more overtly that what I’ve done is possible for anyone willing to fully commit to change and do the steps required

– being crystal clear in filtering which bipolar disorder clients I work with

– stating the above on my website in a new “about you” section

– giving people more easy to use, actionable and practical tools to be consistently mentally stable

– reaching out to hubs and connectors more often

– focusing my Universal Sphere® workshop marketing on how my mental health has improved because of learning and consistently using it

I did a quick hike up Tunnel today, that’s why my face is all shiny…sweat detoxifies 


Day 11 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful and truly fortunate to live in Canada.

As Canadians we live in a fantastic country filled with a kaleidoscope of people from different cultures and languages, incredible natural beauty, a large percentage of the world’s fresh water, a government elected by the people, universal health care, tasty poutine, and kind people who say sorry all the time!

With today being Remembrance Day here, it was a big reminder for me of how fortunate I am to live in Canada.

My friend Dahlia did a wonderful radio interview with a truly inspiring 95 year old Canadian war veteran. To listen to it click here:…/listen-now-a-world-war-73-years…

Today I was at a course during the day in Calgary, so I did an evening hike up Tunnel.

Click here to read a recap of the first 10 days of Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2 (GoTY2)

What are you grateful for?

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