Days 21-30 Recap for GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

These posts were posted daily on the Scott Inside Out Facebook page.

Day 30 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful to have completed hiking up Tunnel for 30 consecutive days!

The past few days I’ve had a bit of a sinus cold and sore throat which are both getting better now. Last November I was sick for three days so I did not hike Tunnel each day during Gratitude on Tunnel…

I’ve really enjoyed this experience and am grateful to various people who have joined me hiking. Different people have liked and/or commented on these daily posts, messaged me, and/or said something to me in person about Gratitude on Tunnel.

All of your support has been greatly appreciated!

Today I hiked with my buddy Joe. We had lots of laughs and good conversation on the trail, and also bumped into Megan which was a nice surprise.

Joe got this photo of me at the top attempting to strike a Rocky pose. I even did my best to yell “Adrian” a couple of times. With a sore throat it wasn’t very loud!

BTW I’m listening to the Rocky theme song as I’m typing this 


Day 29 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful that I love being outside.

Ever since I was kid I’ve been that way.

My Mom used to yell at me to come INSIDE 

That being said, when it’s -20C or colder, you won’t find me outside for very long!

I am also grateful to have bumped into Tess on my way up Tunnel today, and to have shared a hug with her. She’s headed back to Australia on Saturday after many years living in Banff.

What are you grateful for?


Day 28 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for dogs.

Dogs add so much unconditional love and joy to our world.

Before the age of 8, I was PETRIFIED of dogs!

Then my parents got my brother a dog for his birthday. Moonshine was a cockapoo that was a lot of fun and seemingly always getting into trouble. When Moonshine died he was nearly 16 years old.

Today I was fortunate to have friends Masaki and Ed join me on hiking Tunnel. It was awesome hiking with them. Also joining us was Leigh-Anne and Frank’s dog Sugar. Or “Sugie” as some call her.

We had a blast on the hike!


Day 27 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful that I am far less judgemental than I used to be.

Nowadays it happens less and less that I am judgemental of others.

When it does occur, I am increasingly mindful of it happening and do my best to quickly change my thinking.

I remind myself that they are doing the best they can in their present situation.

That we all are doing so 

Thank you Saki for joining me on hiking up Tunnel today.
It’s always great being active in the great outdoors with ya!

What are you grateful for?


Day 26 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)








What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for Cascade Mountain.

I love how majestic it looks when you look at it from the town of Banff.

I love how it looks like you’re going to drive into it when coming here from the east.

I also love the view from the top of it! I’ve been fortunate to have been at the top three times.

The first time I was on a hike with co-workers led by my friend Masaki. On that day I enjoyed my lunch while sitting on a chair at the summit that I had carried up for a Corona contest photo!

The second time was during 4 Peaks Banff, the first bipolar disorder awareness and fundraising hike that friends Saki, TylerLoucas and I did in 2015. After summiting Cascade we then hiked Rundle, Sulphur and Tunnel on the same day.

The third time was in early September of this year. My friend Thomas proposed to his now-fiancee Sarah at the top and she said yes! I felt really honoured and humbled to have been the photo guy and to have witnessed that magical moment 

At the top of Tunnel today there were a bunch of flower petals scattered around…was there a proposal up there earlier in the day?


Day 25 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful for people who have done energy work to assist in my healing.

If you think that energy work is crap and/or phoney, I HEAR YOU. I thought exactly the same until May of 2009…

At that time I was working downtown in corporate world Calgary. On a lunch break I sat beside an aboriginal man. After watching two guys attempting to fight and making it look more like dancing, we both joked about it and got into a conversation. He asked me if I thought I was open-minded. I said yes.

He then told me about dreams I’ve had. I had NEVER told anybody those dreams.

Over the course of the next year I had a number of powerful energy sessions with this man and became friends. His name is Leonard and he is a gifted native healer. He helped me fully move the grief cycle with my Dad’s death, which I hadn’t done even though my Dad died when I was 12. Leonard also helped my Dad fully transition to the other side.

The next person who I’m grateful to have had incredible healing sessions with is my friend Pete. I’m fortunate to have had near monthly sessions with him over the course of nine years. Blending his incredible intuitive gifts with massage and at times Reiki, Pete helped me in healing many things in my life. The biggest being that of learning to love myself.

My friend Paul gave me a Universal Sphere® experience two years ago one evening by distance. That sleep was one of the most peaceful and deep sleeps that I’ve had. I was in a state of bliss for a few days afterwards. A week later I learned how to do spheres for myself and now do many of them on a daily basis for myself and others.

Today in Calgary I had three Kairos Therapy sessions with Joy. She helped me to release some blocked emotions from past traumatic events. While she was working on my heart it felt like there was a weight on there. When she was focusing on my root chakra my hips felt like they were vibrating. Joy told me that I have the “easiest neck” that she’s ever worked on during a client session. I have an awesome neck!

Leonard, Pete, Paul, and Joy have all helped me heal in different ways and I am truly grateful for each of them.

If you’re interested, I’ve done blog posts with summaries of GoTY2 Days 1-10 and 11-20:

BTW I saw this festive Christmas display on the way home after hiking Tunnel tonight.

What are you grateful for?


Day 24 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for cloud inversions.

Today while hiking up Tunnel I was grateful and fortunate to have a slight cloud inversion!

It is SO amazing to me to be looking eye-level at clouds, and/or looking down at them.

Growing up in Manitoba I was always looking up at clouds.

When I lived in Whistler for a few winters, there were many times in which it would be cloudy at the village level. After taking a lift or two up while downhill skiing sometimes I’d be above the clouds.

Since living in the Canmore/Banff area since 2010 I’ve had many times in which I’ve seen cloud inversions and am truly grateful for being able to see that 


Day 23 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful for knowing how to read.

My parents were both lifelong educators and taught me how to read at a young age.

Ever since that time I have always enjoyed reading.

Nowadays I mostly read books to do with mindset, self improvement or spiritual education. Sometimes I read biographies which I really love!

The most recent book that I read which I am now reviewing and making notes on is “Self Compassion”.

Thank you Ashlee for joining me on hiking Tunnel today – it was great to catch up!

What are you grateful for?


Day 22 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful to longer live in fear of getting cancer.

My Dad died of colon cancer when I was 12, and my Mom was a breast cancer survivor when I was in my teens. She had a mastectomy.

During most of my 20’s and early 30’s, virtually any medical professional that I ever saw reminded me that I was at a high risk for cancer.

I lived in near constant fear that I would get cancer.

During my 30’s I started doing different things to lessen my risk of getting cancer. These included dietary changes, lessening my toxic burden, doing various things to release toxins in my body, and letting go of resentments.

Three years ago when I turned 42 it hit me hard that I had outlived my Dad.

That birthday had a wide variety of emotions for me. The biggest being how fortunate I am to be alive and cancer-free.

Overall I eat healthy, process my emotions better and better, let go of resentments, do my best to limit the amount of toxins that I’m exposed to, and exercise consistently.

I don’t see cancer in my future 


Day 21 of 30 GoTY2 (Gratitude on Tunnel Year 2)

I am grateful to have gone skating on Two Jack Lake with my buddy Masaki today.

It was like skating on glass and was a little thin in places!

I hiked Tunnel for sunrise today.

What are you grateful for?

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