Masaki (Saki) Yokota

Masaki “Saki” Yokota is born and raised in Banff. He’s been a coach for the high school boys’ volleyball team for years, and in 2015 was nominated for the citizen of the year award. Saki is widely known as one of the most generous people in town in terms of supporting local people and causes. In 2016 he did a fundraising event in which he got his very long hair cut for the first time in seven years. Saki and his friends raised nearly $17,000 that evening for local causes! Check out his “air hammock” photos on his Instagram page.

Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams is an avid traveller, having been all over Central/South America, Europe and Asia. Energetic and charismatic, his positive vibe is felt in any room he walks into. Hailing from Ottawa, he moved to Banff with his longtime girlfriend Sam and they’ve been in love with the mountains since (which ultimately led him into trail running). Passionate with the Rockies and the likes, he’s entered into a few running events in the near future. In his spare time, he loves to do head stands on top of every peak (lets be honest, he loves to do them anywhere!). To follow his journey, follow his Instagram page.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker is 44 years young – he has a great connection with anyone at a young age, his age or anything above and in between. Scott has a great insight on what life is really about and knows how to live life to the fullest. He has a great heart and he is always helping people better themselves. He always has something on the go, whether it’s his next biggest fitness goal or whether he’s educating himself while emerging himself in different courses around the globe. They say you have two ears and one mouth for a reason – to listen more than you talk. Scott is living proof of that perfect example. He has his own business called ‘Scott Inside Out’ where his main focus is helping people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder get their life back on track. If you or someone you know is interested in furthering their knowledge to better themselves, follow Scott on his journey.


The three of us would LOVE it if you join us in whatever capacity you can! That could be:

  • hiking with us for part of the day
  • taking photos/videos of us and/or with us
  • cheering us on at the bottom of the gondola or trail

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