Introduction to Universal Sphere®

Do you live in the Calgary or surrounding area?

Do you sometimes have anxiety and find it hard to turn your mind off?

Are you someone who meditates and are curious to potentially increase an even deeper meditation?

Are you curious and/or interested in energy work?

If you answered yes to ANY of the above 4 questions…

Come out to this FREE event led by Universal Sphere instructor Scott Walker 🙂

Universal Sphere® is a “next-generation” energy tool that is VERY powerful.

During this evening you will:
– learn about how Universal Sphere came into being
– hear testimonials of some incredible benefits of it
– experience a group Universal Sphere
– have a group debrief after the sphere
– hear an opportunity to learn it for yourself

*You will not learn how to do Universal Sphere at this event*

If you are still reading this…come on out!

LOCATION: Lymph Balance Center, Calgary, AB
12100 Macleod Trail Unit 707

TIME: 7:30pm – 8:30pm


It will be great to have you there 🙂

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