Lift Me Up Toolkit

Have you thought lately “Life sucks!” or “Why is my life so hard?”

Have you noticed that basic tasks such as doing the dishes, laundry or taking a shower feel really hard to do?

If you feel that way, I get it. I’ve been there too! For a set of things that I found helpful for me and others here is my Lift Me Up Toolkit.

Inside the toolkit you’ll find:

– Quick and easy ways to go from feeling down to feeling relief and hope within minutes
– 18 simple tools to choose from to get the heaviness to lift and turn the light back on
– Counter intuitive methods to get out of your head and feeling better through supporting others

Click here to instantly receive the Lift Me Up Toolkit

The video below was shot LIVE during the You Are Not Alone free depression awareness event in Canmore, AB, Canada in Sat Dec 22, 2018.

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