Mental health and overall health during COVID-19

What are you proactively doing for both your mental health and your overall health right now?

One of my Facebook friends termed COVID-19 a “mental health crisis”.

I agree.

There is a TON of fear, anxiety and depression being expressed by many right now. And understandably so.

In the past two weeks my mind has dipped into fear of COVID-19 at times. When that happens, I do my best to realize what’s happening inside my head.

I then ask myself “Is this thought hurting me or helping me right now? (full credit and a huge thank you to Andy Shaw for this content)

Sometimes I have to ask myself this question in my head multiple times…

After realizing that the fear is truly hurting me I let it go.

And allow myself NOT to feel it. After all, feeling fear weakens our immune system….

Here’s what I’m proactively doing to support my mental and overall health on a daily basis:
– consciously ingesting only essential news via government and town websites
– Universal Spheres® (energy work)
– listening, reading and watching mindset improvement resources
– boosting my immune system through nutrition (like homemade celery juice in the picture above)
– sending messages/phone calls/texts to family and friends
– getting outside
– gratitude journalling
– getting lots of sleep

Below are a few videos that I’ve watched lately instead of fear-mongering news:
Ishtara talking about how Universal Sphere® support you during COVID-19
Wim Hof talking about supporting your immune system naturally during COVID-19

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