My first Reiki share

Date: Sun Apr 14, 2019
Time: 11:11am to 12:20pm
Location: Dance For Joy Studio, Banff, AB
Participants: 7 (including me)

A week before I had seen a Facebook post from Dance For Joy Studio saying that there was a Reiki share next Sunday. It said that all Reiki practitioners and energy healers are welcome. I had heard a few people talk about Reiki shares and didn’t think I could go since I am not a Reiki practitioner. When I read that “all energy healers are welcome” I instantly decided to go!

My intention going into this new experience was to create as much healing energy as I could to all people involved, as well as the space itself.

When I arrived at the studio I was warmly greeted by the owner Kim and other people. Many of them were curious about Universal Sphere®, and they were all very welcoming towards myself. One of the participants really desired to do a Reiki share with Kim in a back room. The other five of us split into two groups in the main room. I was in a group of three with a woman and a man.

First the woman lay down on the massage table to receive Reiki from the man. While he was doing that I stood a short distance away from the table. While standing I did numerous spheres…for the woman receiving Reiki, for the man giving her Reiki, for all the other Reiki share participants, and for the studio itself that we were in. We then switched so that the man received Reiki from her and spheres from me. Lastly I received Reiki from both the man and the woman.

After her session was completed, she told me that she felt a warm encompassing energy surrounding her that was in addition to the Reiki. The man giving her Reiki also said that he felt an additional energy around him. Both had similar comments after he received Reiki from her and spheres from me.

It felt wonderful for me to receive Reiki from two practitioners at the same time!

At the end of the sharing, all the participants came together to share a little about their experiences. The owner Kim said that she felt an even more beautiful energy in the studio than normal. The man who I did the share with stated that my energy work was different in a good way. That same man told me about another Reiki share that happens on Tuesday nights in Banff and invited me to come! I had never heard about that one and was truly grateful for him telling me about it.

I truly enjoyed my first Reiki share 🙂

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