My second Reiki share

Date: Tue Apr 16, 2019
Time: 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Location: Banff Senior Centre, Banff, AB
Participants: 6 (including me)

I was invited to this share by one of the participants from my first Reiki share on Sunday.

Just before 7:30pm I arrived at the main entrance at the same time as some other people. I introduced myself and said that I had been invited to this share. Just like on Sunday, the facilitator of this share made me feel truly welcome.

After helping set up the room we sat in a circle and each drew a card. The “talking stick” was passed around the circle as we each spoke about the card that we were given. Mine appears below.

The facilitator asked me to talk a little about myself so I decided to talk about how I got into energy healing. I will share about what I said in a future blog post.

At the end of the sharing circle, the facilitator gave me the choice. The first option was for me to do Universal Spheres® for others in a group of three and therefore receive Reiki from two people. The second option was for me to do spheres for all five participants while they exchanged in respective groups of two and three…and I would receive Reiki at the end from all practitioners at the same time. I’m grateful to have been given the choice, and went with the second option since it sounded SO amazing!

During the first 15 minutes or so when I was doing spheres for the other five people I was yawning so much. To me that’s a sign of a lot of energy moving. I also had tears running down my face at times. It was truly emotional and powerful. I then did spheres for others and the space itself for the rest of the first hour. I had never done spheres that continuously before! With the exception of taking my shoes off and having a drink of water I did non-stop spheres nearly that entire hour.

Then I lay on one of the massage tables and all five people gave me Reiki. It felt so wonderful to receive concentrated healing energy from five people at the same time! I had warm spots on my body from different peoples’ focused energy, waves of energy flowing through my entire body, and a “pulling” feeling from my forehead. It was truly one of the most magical healing experiences for me in my life!

After my session we had a closing circle in which we each drew a card again and passed around the talking stick. This sharing circle lasted much longer than the opening one. In the opening one we purely listened and thanked each person for sharing as the talking stick was passed. For the closing one people shared about their experiences both receiving and giving energy work as well as what was on their card. With permission, some people offered feedback/ideas/suggestions to the person who had the talking stick. There were some wonderful a-ha’s and learning that took place.

At the end of the closing circle the facilitator told me that she does not wish to grow this share to be any bigger. And then she kindly said that she’d like to extend an invitation for me to join them at the next one in May!

During this Reiki share a few people told me that the felt a different energy in the space and and/or around them. They attributed that to the Universal Spheres®.

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