My third Reiki share

Date: Wed Apr 24, 2019
Time: 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Location: Etana Wellness, Canmore, AB
Participants: 6 (including me)

I found out about this Reiki share through Facebook. It was my intention to go to the one in March and it ended up not working out for me. I had never been to Etana Wellness in Canmore and loved the beautiful space, including this visual reminder on the wall:

Just as with my first two Reiki share experiences, I felt instantly welcomed by the facilitator Carrie and the other participants. Before getting started different people asked me about Universal Sphere® since they were curious. One of the people there was a young man who had no experience with Reiki or any other energy work before. I truly admire him for experiencing something new! Carrie talked with him for a few minutes to give him an introduction to Reiki and energy work.

Carrie then led the group in an opening meditation. I was so impressed by how clear and well-spoken she was while doing a live guided meditation for us.

We then got into pairs and gifted each other energy. The lady I was with looked Japanese. I asked her if she was and she said yes. I mentioned to her that I lived in Kagoshima-ken for two years. She was surprised and told me that she comes from Aira, a town in Kagoshima! I used to bike through her town on the way to Kagoshima City. Small world 🙂

Once again it was wonderful to both give and receive energy, and to meet such amazingly kind and loving people.

After we each received energy, Carrie led our group in a closing meditation which was fantastic.

The last part of the night was Carrie sharing about her upcoming events and offering us to do the same.

It was a great experience and I truly look forward to coming back to this Reiki share.

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