My top ten 2018 highlights and two lowlights

Aunt Liz & Uncle Ken’s 60th wedding anniversary

Aunt Liz, Uncle Ken and I at their 60th wedding anniversary celebration

In February my Aunt Liz and Uncle Ken celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in Calgary. 60 years! Liz is my Mom’s sister. I was nervous about attending as I hadn’t seen some of that side of the family in a very long time. As soon as I walked in the door my Aunt Liz and cousin-in-law Kathy came and each gave me a big hug! I instantly felt welcomed and truly enjoyed the celebration.

Double floatation therapy session

VERY relaxed after a double float session

During this year I did a number of “float” sessions. It’s an extremely relaxing and therapeutic modality with a ton of overall health benefits. In early May I had two back-to-back 90 minute float sessions. This was a surreal and incredible experience. I was good up until about the 2hr30min mark…then I had to stumble out as quick as I could and use the washroom!

Biking Moraine Lake Road and scrambling Tower of Babel

Still lots of ice on Moraine Lake on May 20!

Overlooking Moraine Lake from Tower of Babel

I found out that road crews clear the Moraine Lake Road on the Saturday of the May long weekend. For the two days afterwards the snow-free road is blocked for vehicles. After work on Sunday May 20 I loaded my bike in my car and headed to Moraine Lake. After biking the road to the lake, I scrambled up Tower of Babel and didn’t see any footprints. It was so magical being up there in total silence with nobody around ­čÖé

My birthday week

Beautiful birthday lunch spot

Birthday supper with friends at Maclab Bistro in Banff

For the past few years I’ve planned out my birthday week. During that week I do something daily to celebrate me, either with family/friends or on my own. On my actual 45th birthday this year I enjoyed a hike with a good friend, time at a beautiful spa in Banff, and supper with friends at the Banff Centre. Click here if you’d like to read more about the rest of my birthday week

Lowlight – back injury in July of 2018
I’m truly fortunate and grateful to live pain-free and haven’t had any back issues since I was in my early twenties. At the end of June I moved within Banff. And during the move I decided to lift a box with my back instead of my legs…not smart! After doing my best to fix it on my own for a few weeks, I went and saw an excellent chiropractor in town who blends chiro with a bunch of other modalities. Sessions with him made a massive difference which I am truly grateful for! All in all it was about a month before my back was “back” to 100%. I often do the back exercises that the chiro taught me…without this experience I would have never learned them.

Glacier National Park USA trip with friend Alanna

Dawson/Pitamakan hike

Siyeh Pass hike

This was my first experience at Glacier National Park in Montana, even though it’s the closest US national park to here. We did some incredible hikes in sunny and warm weather with very strong winds at times. The camping was challenging for me with so many mosquitoes! I made some videos from this trip which can be found in this playlist and are all titled “Glacier National Park USA”.

Teaching five Universal Sphere® classes
I taught four of these classes in Calgary and one in Red Deer. Each time I teach this “next-generation” energy tool I gain a deeper level of understanding and truly love it! I use this tool multiple times daily and have experienced a multitude of benefits from doing so. It is my #1 go to which improves my mood when I’m feeling down. If you’re curious and would like to find out more about it click here.

3 events that I organized

Friends Saki, Tyler and I during 6 Peaks Lake Louise

Me after hiking Tunnel Mountain for the 30th consecutive day

Friends Andrea, Jean-Francois and I during You Are Not Alone

I truly enjoyed, loved and am grateful for each of these events and experiences. “6 Peaks Lake Louise” was the fourth annual bipolar disorder awareness and fundraising hike that friends and I did on Sep 12. It was an epic day! We raised $1920 which was split 50/50 between the International Bipolar Foundation and underfunded, deserving athletes at Banff Community High School. Click here to watch live videos that were shot that day (they are all titled 2018 – 6 Peaks Lake Louise). For the second year in a row I did “Gratitude on Tunnel”. During the month of November I hiked Tunnel Mountain here in Banff daily with friends or on my own. I also posted daily on Facebook about something that I’m grateful for. This year I managed to hike it successfully each day! Last year I was sick and missed three days… I’ve combined the “Gratitude on Tunnel” posts into blog post recaps which you can read here, here and here. On Dec 22 I organized “You Are Not Alone”, my first depression awareness event. This was an open-house style event at the Canmore Nordic Centre. I’m so grateful for both the honest sharing in person and on video for the friends of mine who attended. I’m also very grateful to have had media attention both locally and provincially for “6 Peaks Lake Louise” and “You Are Not Alone”.

Lowlight-cancelling Universal Sphere classes
There were various classes that I had intended to teach in Banff, Calgary, Canmore and Vancouver. Unfortunately I had to cancel these classes due to having nobody sign up. Very disappointing and so many lessons. One of the biggest being to spread the word in various ways both earlier and more often. Onward and upward!

Trip to Vancouver/Squamish

Brand new rooftop patio at the Vancouver downtown library

Relaxing after hiking up the Chief above Squamish

This was such a wonderful week with sunny warm weather the whole time! I stayed with my good friend Klaus and his family in Burnaby for 2/3 of the time. I’m grateful to have caught up with different friends in the Vancouver area as well as meeting two “virtual” friends for the first time in person. During my time in Squamish I hiked up the Chief for the first time and took it easy on my own.

Celebrating various milestones
Mar 31: 6 years alcohol-free
Aug 31: 8 years psychiatric medication-free
Dec 1: 9 months being vegetarian

Using and creating the “Lift Me Up Toolkit”

This summer I had an idea to create an easy-to-use, inspiring, and not overwhelming resource to help me feel better when I’m feeling down. A “toolkit” of various resources that I’ve used in the past to lift my mood. I am grateful and fortunate to not have major depression anymore. That being said I do have bad days and/or feel mildly depressed from time to time, as do many people. During the summer and fall I used this toolkit many times personally, especially during the two “lowlights” mentioned above. This first version was completed in December and I anticipate having the second version come out in 2019. If this resonates with you, click here to receive your copy of the Lift Me Up Toolkit!

Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post I greatly appreciate it! I’m truly grateful to have had these and other highlights during 2018, and that I increasingly choose to embrace my lowlights. Setting the intention that 2019 will be my best year yet filled with vibrant health, an abundance of love, incredible relationships, travel adventures and financial prosperity. Holding these same intentions for you as well ­čÖé

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