Clear Mind Mastery for Professionals with Bipolar Disorder

Is your inability to focus holding you back from living the life you desire?

You’ve had countless sessions with psychologists, therapists, various other medical and non-medical professionals, coaches, have read tons of books, and attended lots of courses/seminars…YET nothing has helped you to have control of your mind.

Getting clear and focused can feel impossible…but it doesn’t have to be.

What if you could regain control of your mind?
What if you could feel less stress?
What if you could be more calm?
What if you could be more optimistic about your future?
What if there was a way to release your chaotic thinking for good and regain control of your life?

Without having on-going appointments that never seem to propel you forward?


You can do this.

I know you can because I’ve done it.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2000. For ten years after my diagnosis, I felt like I was living with permanent brain fog, alongside an inability to focus accompanied by anxiety and stress. It took me over five years to learn the tools and strategies required to make massive changes in my thinking and mindset.

At present I am grateful to be able to fully focus, be calm, have dramatically less stress, and be very optimistic about my future. I’ve designed this program specifically to address the problems that I’ve overcome. My intention is that you will experience these same changes in a much shorter time frame…so that it takes you four months instead of over five years – or even longer!

This program is designed to…
Assist you in transitioning from brain fog to a clear mind
Have you live more in the present
Release thoughts that are no longer serving you
Propel you into living a calmer life with less stress
Make you feel more confident about your abilities to
Enable you to shift your mindset quickly in the moment

I offer a personalized four month program conducted via phone/internet that is designed to create breakthroughs in your thinking…even when you’re feeling hypo-manic or low.  Your mindset will be dramatically improved, and you’ll feel truly optimistic and looking forward to your future.

For more information or to have a conversation regarding this program email .