Mental Wellness coaching testimonials

When applicable, initials are used after testimonials out of respect for their family members.

Scott has changed my life.

When I was diagnosed bipolar the doctors gave me little information and what they did tell me was very negative and medicine related. I tried the meds because that was what the doctors told me I needed. But the meds made me feel worse, they caused horrible side effects that were affecting both my marriage/ children and my personal sanity.  My first meeting with Scott was on Skype and I instantly knew I was in the right hands. Scott met with me weekly and gave me easy to do weekly challenges that quickly made huge changes in my life. I loved that he never made me feel guilty when I struggled and had an amazing way to motivate me and want to do more. He really helped me to see my “mental illness” as a gift and not as a tragedy. Thanks to Scott I feel like I have my life back.  I am currently symptom free and feel prepared if/when my symptoms come back. Thank you Scott.

Jennifer Belanger – Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada


I met Scott through a mutual friend a couple of years ago. We sat down and exchanged stories as both of us have had an abundance of struggle throughout our lives. When he told me his story it was hard to believe that I was talking to the same person. His family life and childhood was to say the least not great and coupled with bipolar most people would have self destructed themselves to the point of homelessness or have extreme mental anguish. Scott is the most healthy guy I know body, mind and soul. He is very active, eats well and really takes care of him self which I admire because I don’t. He is so kind and level headed and a good friend. I also grew up and still struggle with bipolar and I hope one day I can be as healthy as Scott. If there is anything that I have learned from Scott it’s that it is possible to live with bipolar and to live good as well. Scott is pure inspiration.

James Inman – Calgary, Alberta, Canada


I am writing this testimonial and recommendation for Scott Walker of Canmore, Alberta. If you are reading this, I assume you may be considering using Scott’s services to assist you with your own bipolar condition, or for someone in your family who may be bipolar. It will be of some usefulness therefore, for you to know, that I have a family member in my immediate family who has been diagnosed for many years as bipolar. I should mention however, that Scott has never met that family member. Scott is a deeply caring and genuine person, who is not self aggrandizing in any way. He will be quick to tell you he does not have medical credentials or formal training, but has been exposed to many facets of the medical model through his own journey and search for solutions. Scott’s motivation is sincere. He strives to use his own experiences to help others find solutions, perhaps in a shorter time period than he found them for himself. Scott is sensitive, loving, and not pretentious. I would recommend him as a person worth getting to know as you embark on your own journey. Ultimately, you will have to decide for yourself if the ideas he has will also benefit you; but I can assure you, that you will not be manipulated or ever coerced by Scott. I am old enough to be his father and experienced enough to know Scott has a good heart. In closing, I want to wish you well on your journey.

K.K. – Calgary, Alberta, Canada


My youth was spent with a parent who struggled with manic depression. I lived quite intimately with this life challenge: experiencing its self imposed limitations, the many faces of distraction and obliteration, withdrawals and detachments. Witnessing Scott today and hearing him share his past struggle with Bipolar disorder gives such an incredible testimony to the value of taking personal accountability for one’s whole health. His approach to healthy living is spent creating empowering and meaningful solutions not only for himself but to share with others.

S.F. – Red Deer, Alberta, Canada