Universal Sphere® session testimonials

Financial – Business Growth
I am happy to tell you that I’ve had very positive things happen to me since my Universal Sphere Session. My intention was : ” My business grows quickly and easily”. I noticed that things now come to me easily in freely and unexpected ways. New clients flow to me from everywhere and I’ve already doubled my revenues this month ! WOW! Thank you so much for this great miraculous universal sphere session ! I fell asleep immediately after you finished the session as I felt very well. I wish you huge success with the Universal sphere method. – KF, Paris, France

General – Energy Blanket
When we got off Skype I laid back on the bed and relaxed. What I began to experience was an energy hovering over my body. Mostly from the waist down. It felt like an energy blanket. It felt positive, even healing…I definitely felt the ‘energy blanket’ for about 20 minutes. – KK, Vancouver, Canada

Health – Intestinal Blockage Released
Thank you Scott! I did feel the energy of the Sphere coming in yesterday. It was very gentle and subtle. The major physical change I noticed was that I’ve had a blocked area in my intestine (not sure what’s going on physically exactly, but that’s what it feels like) and I felt it releasing. Also I felt a bit drowsy so I lay in bed reading for 2 hours after the session. Thanks again! – RY, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Health – Hip Pain Gone
In September 2017 Scott and I did a Universal Sphere session by Skype. I was not familiar with this modality, so I didn’t know what to expect. As we ended our call, Scott suggested that I rest for at least 15 minutes. I decided to lie on my bed and meditate, which I did for 30 minutes. During that time, I had a passing thought that Wouldn’t it be nice if my hip stopped hurting! I had been experiencing fairly severe pain in my right hip. The pain seemed to come from the main part of the hip socket. It was bad enough that it sometimes woke me at night when I turned over in my sleep. So after my 30 minute meditation, I got up and went about my day. It was the next day that I realized that my hip had not hurt since the day before. I occasionally had a day or two without pain, but it always returned. So I waited a while before I contacted Scott. In fact, I waited 1 or 2 weeks before I told him about being pain free. As I write this in January 2018, the pain has not returned, and I’m so grateful for this healing. Thank you, Scott, for your generosity and for sharing this new form of energy healing with me. You are a blessing. – Cynthia W, Erie, PA, USA

Health – Kidney Support
Thank you Scott ❤ It was a first immense restful peacefulness that came over me and then suddenly I felt like a physical reaction in my right kidney that hit me. It was even that I could feel that the reaction in the kidney would have been visible. From then on there was this feeling that lasted for about 5-10 minutes when I would say the Universe did some kind of surgery on my inner organ in this area. – MA, Malmo, Sweden