Universal Sphere

By you landing on and reading this page, you are most likely an open and curious person. Universal Sphere® is an incredible “next-generation” energy tool that has made a profound difference in my life. That is why I decided to become an instructor, so that others could benefit from learning and using it as well!

My business has two focus areas:
1. Serving and supporting people diagnosed with bipolar disorder in getting their life back
2. Teaching Universal Sphere workshops, and doing one-on-one energy sessions

Upcoming Universal Sphere events
Calgary – Sun Oct 20 – Learn Universal Sphere – SOLD OUT
Banff – Sun Oct 27 – Learn Universal Sphere – limited space available – limited space available
Vancouver (Burnaby) – Sun Nov 3 – Learn Universal Sphere – limited space available
Calgary – Sun Nov 10 – Learn Universal Sphere – limited space available
Calgary – Sun Dec 1 – Learn Universal Sphere – limited space available

What is Universal Sphere?
It is a “next-generation” energy tool that is very easy to learn, takes less than 10 minutes to do, and increases both your energy and your vibration. This tool literally adds love and light to your life, other people, and the planet as a collective. While it is considered “woo-woo” by some, there is scientific evidence of the benefits. For a comprehensive overview of Universal Sphere click here .

How has it helped you? (Scott as a person)
1. Before learning Universal Sphere my mental stability was good. Fortunately since learning it and using it consistently, my mental stability has gone from good to great. The “waves” of the ups and downs of daily life have lessened.
2. My close relationships have become richer and deeper.
3. My extended family relationships have improved.
4. I have a greater sense of trust, both in myself, and that the Universe truly “has my back”.
5. More synchronicities happening – unexpected wonderful people coming into my life, opportunities coming seemingly out of nowhere, and an increase in “good luck”.
6. Every time I do a Universal Sphere for myself and/or others, I “feel” better. If I’m not having a good day I feel better. And if I’m having a good day it gets even better!
7. Countless other ways…

Testimonials from myself and others
Testimonials from people that I’ve done sessions for

Testimonials from the Soul Genesis website (founders of Universal Sphere)

My video testimonial 1 year after learning Universal Sphere:

What do you learn at a Universal Sphere workshop?
You learn how to do this powerful energy tool for yourself, your loved ones and friends, as well as an infinite number of other possible uses. You also become a Universal Sphere practitioner. This means you can combine this into what you already do for your business/job, and/or you can offer paid sessions for people on a part-time or full-time basis. To see about upcoming workshop dates and locations, scroll up to the top of this page!

YouTube videos including gifted group Universal Spheres:
Below is the most recent Universal Sphere YouTube video on the Scott Inside Out channel:

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