Weekly Uplift Gathering – ONLY for current Universal Sphere® practitioners

NOTE: This event is ONLY for current Universal Sphere® practitioners. If you are curious about Universal Sphere click here.

Day: Every Tuesday evening moving forward
Time: 6:30pm MT – 7:25pm MT
Location: Online on Scott’s Zoom

You are invited to join this VIP event!

It’s only for awesome people like YOU who have learned Universal Sphere®.

On Tuesday March 24, Universal Sphere instructor Scott Walker led a public Zoom call focused on supporting people’s mental and overall health during this global situation.

It turned out that the four participants who attended that March 24 call had all learned Universal Sphere!

That call started with a group sphere led by Scott, followed by the passing of a “talking stick” so that each person could be fully heard for 3 minutes, and finished with a group discussion led by questions from Scott.

We all agreed that it was a wonderful call! All five participants enjoyed the increased energy of the group sphere. Some people felt inspired to begin doing spheres daily. Others were re-ignited to continue doing spheres daily. And we all learned a lot about each other and different topics that we discussed related to both mental health and overall health.

Scott led another “Uplift Gathering” call with current Universal Sphere practitioners on March 31. The participants who attended enjoyed it as did I!

The “Weekly Uplift Gathering” Zoom calls will have the same structure as the call described above. The calls are not recorded.

Scott will be leading these calls on weekly basis moving forward…

BTW this event is just shy of one hour long, ending at 7:25pm MT.

This is because Scott attends an online weekly Crystal Bowl Sound Bath healing meditation which starts at 7:30pm MT

If you have questions about this event just ask 🙂

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